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January 09 2009

Buddy TV Lists the 100 Best TV Episodes of 2008. Included are HIMYM, Chuck, Bones, T:TSCC, Dexter, Mad Men, Seth Green's My Name is Earl episode as well as American Dad, and Leverage.

I think they like Prison Break and Supernatural a bit too much.

And that The Shape if Things to Come was so low and yet Ji Yeon is in the top 10 is just... I don't know... off.

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Hehe. I love all 8 Supernatural ep's. they mention. XD And I so agree on The Mystery Spot.

I love that they also had Doctor Who (twice) and Torchwood (though I'm not sure on the ep. they picked. lol. But then I'm so not a Gwen fan.).

And WOOT for the Leverage ep. As well as HIMYM, Chuck, Dexter, etc. (What? I don't actually watch all of them. heh.)
I saw episodes of shows that I've never even heard of, which I have to admit wasn't all that surprising. I really liked how my favorite shows- House, Bones, HIMYM, to name a few- were included.
It's a great list. Not sure that "The Mystery Spot" really deserves #1, but any and all contenders are included on the list. Lost's "The Shape of Things to Come" should be #1, in my opinion, with Supernatural's "In the Beginning" at #2. I was surprised at the Pushing Daisies episodes they chose, because it was the "Comfort Food" episode that really breathed some life back into the series. Other than that, and the fact that they only included one "True Blood" episode, I love the list.
4 episodes of Prison Break?
1 episode of Mad Men?

3 episodes of Eli Stone is awesome though. One of the best shows no one gave a damn about in quite a bit of time.
1."Frozen" (from House) should have been higher. The reveal at the end was perfect.

2. They should have chosen "For Warrick" from CSI, not the comic cross-over they did.

3. They needed to add "Sophie Week 9" from In Treatment. Though the one ep with Glynn Turman is moving beyond belief.

4. "House's Head" was a great choice so high, but it should have also been with "Wilson's Heart," since it was a 2-parter ("Heart" was rated lower).
I don't mind that they split them up, it was a two-parter, true, but you can like one part of a two-parter more than the other (and that's probably the order i'd have them in too, if not the positions). 'Frozen' was great though, agreed, should've been higher.

I don't watch most of these shows but of the ones I do, I probably disagree with at least one of their choices, even if I can understand why they chose it (i'd keep 'Midnight' from 'Doctor Who' for instance - nice bit of drama - though i'm not so sure about 'Stolen Earth'. And 'Something Borrowed' was never the best episode from 'Torchwood' series 2 in a million years, much as I thought it was quite entertaining).
I was so torn apart at the end of Wilson's Heart, saje. I came to love CTB, and am so sorry that she lost out to 13. That two-parter was on a par, writing-wise, with the best of Buffy. Everything we knew about these two characters came into play and House's dream was so telling if you knew him, and when it ended, we really did not know what was going to happen between the two friends. I am only sorry that the writers did so little with the ramifications this season. As to Frozen, I love Mira Sorvino and this was such a great episode because, well, she got into House's head... :-) Plus, that reveal! To say I was shocked is a huge understatement!

I also hope, evangelical as I am, that you get a chance to see In Treatment's first season. I was in awe of that show, and as I have stated, of the then unknown Mia Wasikowska.
"Wilson's Heart" was for me House's first true Six Feet Under-moment. Nevermind the Buffy- and Six Feet Under-reference with the bus the whole two-parter long (I'm thinking of Buffy's "Normal Again" and SFU's "The Last Time"...).
Dexter's "Go Your Own Way" is too low. The final scene between Michael C. Hall and Jimmy Smits is electric.

And the Terminator pilot was good? Really? I thought it was one of the show's weakest episodes.
I totally agree with the #1 choice. Supernatural is one of the best shows on. Along with Dexter. Glad to see Big Bang Theory get a mention, that is a funny show. And even though I don't watch Smallville, I was happy to see that the episode they pick here is one with Braniac. And speaking of that, they should have had Torchwood: Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. James makes every episode of whatever show he is in on my own top 10 list of the year.
I find it strange how they chose one of the worst episodes, and then later the best episode, of the current seasons of both Chuck and Pushing Daisies. The Norwegians and Chuck Versus Santa Claus were both among the very best of their respective shows, whereas both Bzzz and Chuck Versus The Cougars were pretty average episodes.

Good choices for Dexter, though if it were up to me I'd probably have the whole second half of the season up there. I'm biased like that. This list has also reminded me that I need to check out Eli Stone, The Middleman, and The Wire. I should probably do that soon.
I fully agree that "The Bracket" episode of HIMYM is one of the greatest episodes ever. It's so wonderful, from Lily's subtle realization that Ted and Marshall stole the chalkboard from her classroom, to Barney bribing them with beer.

And the cherry on top is all the outrageous things they came up with as examples of what Barney's done to get to women.

I love Barney. NPH warms my heart.
Dexter's episodes should have been higher. And there should have been more from this season up there, like "Easy as Pie" and "I Had A Dream." Oh well, "The Damage a Man Can Do" was great because it shows Dexter at his most rebellious towards Harry, and "Go Your Own Way" was awesome, just because of the cat-and-mouse game Dex and Miguel had going for the whole episode, ending in an amazing confrontation.

Excellent choices on "House's Head," which blew my mind, and "Wilson's Heart" which made me cry for a character I didn't particularly care for (well, I was crying for Wilson, but w/e).

I hope Dollhouse is good enough to top this list next year!!
Yeah, having only one episode of Mad Men, not to mention only one of The Office, is a bit nutty. (I kinda think those are the two best shows of 2008, so....)

I think these guys' taste in TV is a fair bit different from mine, although there's the occasional bit of overlap. (South Park's "About Last Night"? Solid. And I personally think they chose the best two episodes of this season of Dexter. And kudos to the three-show "Who made huckabee?" three stooges routine.) Even so, the Terminator pilot is not exactly one of that show's strongest episodes, and Battlestar had many episodes better (if not more shocking) than "Revelations". I wouldn't have put many Lost episodes on the list, but I suspect I'm in the minority.

And no, there were no good episodes of Heroes this year, including the episode they selected.

Here's a question for Supernatural fans: how good was this list's #1?

Anyway, at the very least it was interesting.
Did anyone else notice that they called Vincent Kartheiser's "Mad Men" character "Paul" instead of "Pete"? It was still good to see that episode get recognition, though. Our little Connor is all growed up! *sniff*
Supernatural fan here! Personally I agree with "Mystery Spot" as #1. That episode, to me, was a fine example of why the show is so great yet underated. There is comedy and drama, and the balance is brilliant and at times heartbreaking.

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As another Supernatural fan, I agree that there were too many of its episodes on this list. I did, however, like that this list looked at a variety of shows that are less watched or less promoted, rather than focusing on the usual suspects. That said, I agree with the choice of Mystery Spot. This was not only the best SPN episode of 2008 but possibly the whole series and it was a pretty significant one in various ways.

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As a huge Supernatural fan, I'm not sure "Mystery Spot" should even be on the list. It's a great episode, BUT every episode since Season Two has been as great. There are much better selections, and that's coming from someone who thinks that the top 10 should be five parts Supernatural and five parts Lost.
The shows I liked were on there, but I think they should have picked better episodes. T:TSCC & Bones have had better than those listed. My jury is still out on True Blood. But I agree with the Dexter episodes. Fringe only got one with the bald man. What about the killer butterflies?
Maybe the writer, without meaning to, is carrying in the back of his mind that the excellent Supernatural and the strangely suddenly improved Smallville could go away along with their network soon.
Dreamlogic, you're worrying me: "Go away along with their networks soon." What does that mean?
They have the same network, which is not the financially healthiest. But many predictions of its demise have proved wrong so far.

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