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January 09 2009

(SPOILER) Buffy Season 8 #24 variant cover. Jeanty's cover art for Buffy Season 8 #24. Spoiler tag just in case...

who's that behind her?
Looks like Giles is a big fan of Nivea Anti-Ageing cream for men.
Well, you know what they say: Glasses age you. :)
I love where the title is placed.
i kinda wish this was the cover jo chen did
the other one is sooooo much better.
blah ... im mean its nice ... but def my least favorite
Is that Kennedy?
Ya gotta have Faith. I love this art, very cool.
It reminds me of Nick Fury:Agent Of Shield type of cover.
That's Giles? He looks a whole lot like Andrew to me... :S
It resolves itself into Giles once you get over the shock of it being Giles. Let me just put money on them sleeping together now... ^_^
It looks like Faith and Giles to me. I like it.
I'm sorry, I really don't think very highly of this. Ignoring the poor likenesses whats up with Faith's head size? Even allowing for perspective no way should her head be that large when it's at that angle.

I know these things often boil down to a matter of personal taste, but I always find myself preferring Chens covers, not just for the extremely good likenesses, but for the classy finish she brings in all her work.

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Good to see Giles kept his wardrobe from when the group would sneak into the Initiative.
Name's Bond. Rupert Bond.
Hmm, I hadn't noticed until now that Cliff Richards is doing the interiors. Too bad, I thought Jeanty said the Fray arc would be his only break until the end.

As an artist myself, I not just going to nitpick how his heads are always larger than they probably should be, but we should be seeing more of GIle's rope behind the shattered glass. Don't hate me for saying so. I really thing Georges is a great penciller. It's just a minor detail that I noticed, but can't stay quiet about. Honestly, check out Jo Chen's Mockingbird/Hawkeye renunion cover for Marvel for some pretty strange perspectival choices. Still, they are the ones with the high-profile work, so I can't argue too much...
I like it. But I hate the ugly shoes Buffy and the other slayers (now Faith) are always wearing. Ugh.
Nice cover but they look like Kennedy and Andrew.
I think Faith couldn't look Faithier, but Giles looks nothing like himself.
I have no idea who those people are. But I like the glass in the background.
He's not wearing his glasses, but that's Giles. Hairline, crinkly lines above his nose. Yes his age is slippery when Jeanty draws him.
I knew Giles right off. It was Faith I wasn't sure about, but figured it must be her because she was with Giles.
I think it's funny that people were commenting on how Giles looked older in Chen's cover and now he looks too young in Jeanty's. The real mystery of #24 - Giles discovers the fountain of youth!
This is very embarrassing and I apologize for asking something stupid - but I'm so curious and too embarrassed to ask anyone in person. I'm not a comic book reader but am getting Season 8 because I love Buffy. Can someone explain the variant cover business to me? I don't get it. Why don't they just have the original cover and that's that? Sorry for ignorance - I just genuinely want to know. -s
I guess for variety.
I think the main idea is that people collecting the comics will buy both of the covers so as to have a complete set. People with more comics experience than me would know more of the history of variants. I do know that in the 1990s (in the U.S. anyway) there was a big collecting boom in comics, and there were lots of variants then. Not so sure how common it is now, since I don't follow comics all that widely. I assume Dark Horse is always putting out 2 covers for Buffy because they know some number of Buffy fans in addition to the usual comic collectors will want a copy of everything.
I see Kennedy and Andrew. Isn't that the same jacket that Kennedy wore on her first date with Willow? And the person behind seems to be trying to look tough, as Andrew might.
I thought it was Spike, Faith i recognized...these drawings sucks. We should be able to recognize the characters right away.

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