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August 11 2003

Buffy spinoff for the 2004-2005 season? According to Joss Whedon, it's "still very much in the works" and Jordan Levin says The WB is where the spinoff belongs.

FilmJerk have a review of the 'Tru Calling' pilot and the writer doesn't rule out Eliza returning as Faith by fall 2004.

No doubt in my mind -- I wonder if there's any chance the Eliza's show will be moved, because that's the only chance it has of making it.

Does this:

the forthcoming DVD release, which will include "full commentaries and full interviews and extras."

mean that EVERY Firefly episode on the DVD will have commentaries on it? I'm sure that wrong, but if not, wow! Definitely will be my first DVD of a TV show.

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I don't mind Faith but would rather see either something with Willow or something new but in the Buffy world.
I'd rather see the Watcher's School as lots of rumors have been spreading. Sounds like a good concept.

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I would prefer at least one sixteen year old slayer in the mix. Teenagers are so hyper-emotional that they make for good TV. Faith has killed people and done hard time, she is never going to cry over a boy. Give me big teary eyes and quivering lower lips and I will be happy.
It'll be interesting to see what happens to Angel if a spinoff does air in fall 2004.
I'd watch anything that Mutant Enemy put out, but a Faith spinoff is the only proposition that has sounded interesting to me. The Slayer School could be okay, but considering how annoying the Potentials were in S7, I'm doubting it.
the whole thing with the school is that it would have to be about the faculty, not the students. that way it would be a nice circle to how the universe started. considering that, it would make for a good show.
The School for Slayers: boring. The Watchers' All of those intelligent, driven, *aware* to become the shadow, the guide, second fiddle to raw do you teach someone to lose their ego? Not to say that any of the Watchers ever did, but, in theory...fascinating.
Why can't each of the principals get their own show? Faith the Series. Ripper the Series. Willow the Series. Xander the Series. The WB could become the Buffy Network. It'd be great!
Hey, I'd watch a show about Snyder. It could be set during his time in Sunnydale told from his perspective, or feature him in an earlier administration job. And I'd definitely watch a Mayor spinoff. It could be like the West Wing, but with the Mayor. Ratings gold.

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