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January 10 2009

(SPOILER) review Dollhouse pilot. They think Dichen Lachman is poised to be a breakout star, amongst other things. Here's a FOX poster. There's TV spots on FOX starting now, too.

There seems to be reviewer consensus that the premiere is good (or "standard") not great, more serious than they expected going in, and has potential.
That was a fair review.

I like the poster a whole lot better than the Comic-Con one...not really digging the tagline on it, I much prefer Eliza saying *Who do you want me to be?*

Nice to see Dichen getting some attention too!

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Love the poster, think it's awesome.
I also love the poster. Is this the same pic that is used for the billboards in LA?
Okay, yes, excellent poster. The one at Comic-Con was horrid, but this is kind of beautiful.
Loving the poster, as well as all these reviews. My expectations have pretty much been confirmed at this point, and I'm looking forward to the slow build of the season-long arc.
Fair review. Would be nice if there was a poster giveaway a la Terminator (Hello there Summer).
I dunno if i'm allowed to post this here, it can be deleted if not, but here's a new pic of the cast...
Sweet picture! So I guess it's time to say that the advirtising has (finally) begun.
I've had to take out the cast image edcsLover9 posted as the website was blocking the link - anybody know where it is available?
The link works for me, as does the pic. :D
I've uploaded a copy here, but I don't know where the original can be found.
Cheers, wiesengrund - I've put it back in the subject.
It's available in better quality here.

And I love the Fox poster, especially the 'She can be anyone, except herself'.
The True-Fan Eliza site appears to also have some new promo pics of Eliza in their most recent news update.

She's, uh, a lot nakeder than I expected.
I'm going to split out the new promo images into the new topic.
Nice poster. I'm hoping they do promotional bags at comic stores like they did for the last two T:SCC premieres.
gossi and wiesengrund that is exactly the billboard that I saw in LA - tagline and all.
Does anybody know where you can get this poster? I think its awesome. Thanks!
Awesome poster. It's actually a really good campaign, if only it was more visible already. As much as I love Buffy and Firefly, I always thought the promotional stuff was a little too geeky to want to put on my wall, but this is actually really stylish and interesting in its own right.
They're right about Dichen. She's made of awesome. On screen, she's even more of a badass than Eliza (which is saying something). And off screen she's a sweetheart. TV viewers and con-goers alike are going to fall in love with her.
RayHill, you've seen Ghost?

Dichen's a doll in real life, I've exchanged memails with her a few times and she's lovely.
Short, but positive shout-out on

It's not entirely clear what goes down at the Dollhouse or who runs it or how they got started or whether they're good or evil, and that, my dear, is the custard filling in this big, sugary doughnut of a drama. If you take off the rose-colored, Joss Whedon-loving glasses, of course, you'll notice that the first episode of "Dollhouse" is a little bit dorky and uneven at times. But Eliza Dushku fills that "Buffy"-esque dazed-but-sharp babe quotient nicely, and I guarantee that after the first episode, you'll want to see more, more, more, more, as soon as you can.

Yep, this seems like a fair review. All in all it might actually be good that the expectations for this pilot episode are gradually lowering in our fandom. Means we'll probably end up loving the show more in the long run ;).
I used to watch Dichen in the Aussie soap Neighbours, and now she's part of Jossverse! Good on her.
That review was pretty fair.

I LOVED the poster. Much better than Comic-Con! Now where to get my hands on that...
Unlike everyone else, I'm not sure I really like the poster. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying it's bad work. It's miles ahead of the comic-con poster and much better than most promotional posters we've seen for other shows (although I actually have one of the original Buffy ones framed on my wall).

Anyway, my problem is that it looks too sterile. The white, the manequins... it reminds me of 'I, Robot', visually, while that's certainly not the "vibe" I'm getting from the series. So I understand the concept of the poster, I think it's clever on at least two levels, but I still don't quite like it.

But hey, that's the internet for you. There's always someone like me, complaining ;).
When are the TV spots going to appear on the interweb?
As an aside for advertising- I took a roundtrip flight on Frontier Airlines this past week and there was a Dollhouse behind the scenes special that played on the TV's that people didn't pay to watch movies/direct TV. It was about 8ish minutes long and featured interviews with Joss and Eliza and some new footage I hadn't seen yet. Pretty cool to see an advert where I least expected!
That's the second report I've seen on that, but the other one failed to identify the airline. Thanks, Whisper. Did it seem to be something from Fox PR itself, or was it like some sort of entertainment magazine (like Extra, or Entertainment Tonight)?
it seemed like it was straight from FOX PR. No outside lead in other than a "coming soon to FOX" sort of thing. There was also a blip on TNT's Leverage as well.

EDIT: Here's a link with a small amount of info on FOX's deal with Airline TV

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No ad for Dollhouse in all two hours of the season premiere of 24. Ads for American Idol, Bones, House, Lie to Me.
On the upside, over the course of my tweeting about every commercial break, two people wondered WTF Dollhouse was, Googled, and now will be watching. Heh. Two down, several million to go.

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