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January 10 2009

(SPOILER) Review for a new Dollhouse script. It appears to be for an episode that's neither "Echo," "Ghost" or "Gray Matter".

I must be in the Anticipation Zone, cuz I'm not looking at this. One month and actual Dollhouse eps air -- whoot!

ETA: Cool screen name, Sear's Softer Side!

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It really doesn't spoil anything other than how awesome the later episodes get.

Nice review, definitely got me excited.
I'm not going to read anything. I also avert my eyes whenever I see a Dollhouse promo on TV. I want to sit down on premier night and watch it cold with no idea what to expect.
Has anyone actually read the script they're talking about?
I'm currently reading it (although I really, really shouldn't).
Do you think this is a real script, J.I.G.?
I've read some scenes and yes, I think it is real. It even had some Joss-esque moments, but I don't think Joss wrote all of it. All in all I thought it looked good and there's a lot of character progression made from the 'Echo' script I read.
Can't believe they kill her.
Don't worry. They'll bring her back.
In the movie! I saw this earlier, but the download link wouldn't work for me.
Wasn't the link updated? Works for me right now.

ETA: Not the download, yeah. But the other thing. :)

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I downloaded the script but haven't read it. If it's real, I'll read it after it airs.
Ditto, One True b!X. I took a peek and that was enough to make me want to wait.
Same here, yes. Don't want to get spoiled that far down the line. I wonder how the writers feel about their script being leaked, by the way... especially when it's a draft.
"I would locate it somewhere between episodes 7 and 9"
Hmmmm.... juicy script just waiting to be seen. Must. Wait. One more month! *cheers*
Ok, read the teaser and the beginning of ACT I, donít want to continue and get completely spoiled, but I skimmed through the rest of it and then compared character names which occur in the script with character names from casting calls to episodes 1-11 and didnít found any match, so I guess that leaves us with the following options:

1. Itís the script for 1x12 written by Tim Minear
2. Itís the script for the finale written by Joss
3. Itís an earlier draft which was either reworked (including changes in character names) or abandoned altogether
4. Itís fake
Yeah, I totally forgot to check the casting calls. Thanks for that info!

[ edited by wiesengrund on 2009-01-11 19:49 ]
Of course, character names can change.
GVH, I imagine the writers hate these script leaks quite a lot (to paraphrase a Giles line). It's infringement on so many levels. But such is the internet - all Wild Westy.
I read the whole thing through, and it definitely reads like it could be real. I honestly think it's later in the season than 7-9, based on the reveals that happen, plot-wise and character-development wise. I think this episode answers the question of why Dushku isn't hiding that Echo's name is Caroline.

Finally, I think this is the episode that shows why this show is going to be stellar.
Yeah, the more I think about it the more it seems to be later than 7-9. I figured "Echoes" would have been a great title. Hence my hunch. Also, it doesn't quite feel like a season finale to me.

And I think "Ghost" will answer that Caroline-question. I think "Ghost" will show us Caroline during her first contact with the Dollhouse. We will know her real name all along. So it's no big deal, actually. (It is - of course - maybe a big deal for the characters, sure. Just not for the narrative, imo.)

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