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January 10 2009

Dollhouse..the Comic Book? Not yet. The premiere of Dollhouse is less than five weeks ago, but some people are wondering if the show would be perfect as a comic book series, like Joss Whedon's other shows. Buffy editor Scott Allie talk to io9 about the idea.

Allie says that he talked to Joss about it, but Joss says a book may be a possibiliy once the show "established its identity."

Insert joke about Dollhouse and establishing identities here.

But anyway, I'd be happy to see it as and when, particularly if it's an A-game book like Season Eight.
Just for context, Joss said back in July:

THR: Any "Dollhouse" comics planned?

Whedon: I talked to ("Buffy" comics publisher) Dark Horse, and "Dollhouse" has got some adventure and suspense and thrills, but it's people talking and I know they have a "CSI" comic, but I don't read it. (Laughs) I believe that you need a reason to be in a medium and you have to respect what that medium is for, and I just don't see "Dollhouse" as doing that. It could be done, but I just don't see why.

Joss may have a point. Some shows do think about extending themselves with a comic book version of itself. I know fans of Pushing Daisies are hoping the show will go on in that form, but it wouldn't be the same. Fringe was slated to go that route, but that was cancelled at the last minute.
I think a Dollhouse comic could work simply because Joss is a genius at the graphic novel medium (and he tends to employ other geniuses to help) but I wouldn't necessarily need or want one until the show is more established.

Either way, I'd buy it.
Man, you shook me up. You meant "away" not "ago", didn't you? I thought I Dollhouse had aired without my knowledge.
impalergeneral, as of this month, the Fringe comic is still being solicited (they're up to advertising and offering pre-orders for issue #4 currently), so I assume at least one or two issues have been released so far. Haven't seen the show yet. The comics have sorta cool, mysterious covers, though I usually prefer actual linework or paintings over computer rendered imagery in comics (aside from the colors).

Haven't even seen the show so I don't know if I should be hoping for a comic of Dollhouse, but for now I think we can take our cues from the show's creator. Half a year ago he didn't think the series required that medium.

Also, as much as I appreciate having Buffy Season 8, it can get to be a lot following movies or TV shows continued or prequel'd in comic books (and they're hard to resist when you loved the original format and the creators or co-writers run the project in book form), would rather my money usually went toward new and non-adaptation material. If there's a side story that can't fit into the seasons of the show (like Fray) but deserves to be told anyway, I'll fully embrace a limited comic series. Or if the show gets canned and Joss can't make a movie out of it to wrap it up.

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