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January 10 2009

Trailer for Trucker on YouTube. Trucker, the indie flick starring Michelle Monaghan and Nathan Fillion is online.

I have a feeling this was posted a while back - I think it looks like an interesting movie, looking forward to seeing it.

A side note - the kid in the movie, Jimmy Bennett, he plays the young Kirk in the new Trek movie

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I don't know Beth. I did a search for "trucker" on whedonesque before posting this and didn't see it here or on the fansite either.
I wish this movie would come out, either in theatres or on DVD, it's been on the fest circuit for a year now. Maybe with Castle coming out they'll find themselves a distributor.
It's possible I saw it posted elsewhere.
Perhaps you saw it posted on IMDB, which is where I found it while looking for Ms. Monaghan's prior credits after the hubby asked about her while watching her in Eagle Eye last night. I saw that the trailer went up on YouTube back in October, so I was actually a little surprised that one of the Ninjas didn't get it up here back then. But if I'm wrong, I'm sure that the Gods of the Black will banish this thread to the boneyard right quick.

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The Ninjas haven't promoted Nathan's work for quite awhile. We shut down NathanNation to concentrate strictly on Kids Need to Read. It became too much work to handle both and remain among the living, so we chose devotion to the higher cause. But there are many great fans who do a fabulous job of promoting Nathan Fillion -- no Ninja help necessary! :)
"A side note - the kid in the movie, Jimmy Bennett, he plays the young Kirk in the new Trek movie "

Or maybe then they will be able to find a distributer.
According to a post on the website's forum they're working on a limited theatrical release which may go wider (this all reminds me of the Waitress release) but the director who answers questions on the forum hasn't responded to the post.
I'm hoping I'll get the chance to watch this. Looks great.
Also, for those who've lost track, Nathan's newest movie, New In Town (formerly known as Chilled in Miami) comes out on 1/30/09. I have yet to see anything current with his face on it though -- I hope they didn't cut him out!
cabri, has also taken New In Town off his page. Could be some mix up with the name change.

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Yes, but the fan site still has him listed and sometimes those are more accurate than IMDb. I'll keep my fingers crossed, especially since I'll be really pissed if I have to tolerate Zellwegger for two hours without a Nathan pay-off.

I was hoping to find out before that happened to me. Cause like Grrr! Arrgh!
This movie looks really incredible. I hope it comes out on DVD so that we Europeans can watch it too.
Some website or other did show photos of Nathan & Renee doing reshoots for the "New in Town" movie in LA earlier in the year so one would ASSUME he's still in it, but who knows.
I saw this movie at Tribecca and keep wondering when it's going to be released so everyone can see it. I'll just cut and paste what I said about it on my blog:

Trucker (Fan Site) A sincere depiction of the life of one single woman that has done everything possible to insulate herself from all the intangibles in life, until her son is literally dropped on her doorstep 8 years after she left him and her former husband for a life of freedom.

In short: Good flick. And Nathan was great in it too.

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