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January 11 2009

Actors Who Get Fandom: Felicia Day, Nathan Fillion. Just another reason why we love them.

Man, reading Nathan's comment just makes me miss Firefly all over again.

I love these guys.
The Guild & Felicia Day have started my day off with several laughs.
Nathan said, "I remember walking up the cargo bay door for the first time in costume. I believe it was David Boyd, our director of photography, who turned and saw me walking up and turned back around to the crew and said, "Captain on deck." Some people clapped and it was kind of neat. It was a reception I will remember always."

Made me mist up and get all melancholy. I miss Firefly. I love my Captain.
Lovely list. Nathan's comment had me grabbing my Firefly DVD set.
Yeah, we all love the captain.

I also finally checked out the Guild. Just finished watching the second episode. It's really a lot of fun. Only wish the episodes were a bit longer.

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Oo, and Ben Browder made the list as well. Show of hands: who'd love to see anything that has both Nathan Fillion and Ben Browder in it? That'd be awesome squared.
the Groosalugg The Guild's second season is longer per episode. The first year was a learning experience, and you can definitely see that the show has taken roof/reached its stride in the second season. Do continue watching. It's worth it. :)

Love the list. Wish there were more geeks out there. But it makes me love Nathan Fillion all the more. :)
Liked Nathan's comment very much, even from the outset the 'Firefly' cast just seemed really approachable, normal folk with great senses of humour.

And, thanks to the video linked on the site, I spent a nice half hour or so watching Ben Browder and Claudia Black have a brilliant time being funny and cute and heartfelt and sarky at the Burbank Farscape Con. You can see where their onscreen chemistry came from, they're clearly great friends in real life.
This really covered some of my favorite fandoms; it made me feel all warm and fuzzy because of the wonderful actors who loved what they were helping to create as much as I loved it.
Nathan Fillion and Ben Browder together? That would be awesome. Pure, unmatched amazing.

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