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January 11 2009

Whedonverse alums at the Golden Globes. So far Neil Patrick Harris, Julie Benz, Amy Adams, Gina Torres, Zac Efron, Vincent Kartheiser, Christina Hendricks, Kal Penn and Danny Strong have been seen. It's on NBC tonight.

NPH and Amy lost their nominations, but Recount won an award (Laura Dern).

And Laura Dern gave a shout-out to Danny Strong as she accepted her award for Recount.

By the way, thanks for posting this. I've had at least one post deleted so far, and so I shy away from posting stories...even the ones that really interest me.

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Laura Dern just gave Danny a big shout out.
How far vampires have come! Anna Paquin just won Best TV Actress for True Blood.
I love Anna Paquin. :-)

ricetxpeaches, the fact is that every member who posts stories has had posts deleted. I would encourage you, and others, not to let that put you off posting stories. Take a look at the deleted posts blog (linked from the front-page) to get a sense of the kinds of things that aren't suitable. Cheers.
Oh, I know, SoddingNancyTribe. It's alright. I'm easily discouraged. It's a personality flaw. :-)
I've increased my commenting, though, so I'm progressing.
Recount didn't win Best Miniseries or Made for TV Movie, but it has 2 more chances for actors to win, though the actors are in the same category.
Drawing a blank, what was Amy Adams in in the Whedonverse?
She was in one of my very favorite episodes, Family. She played Tara's cousin.
Oh right! Thanks.
Julie Benz looks amazing! Of course Neil Patrick Harris did too.
No more for Recount. I think all that's left is Mad Men for Best Dramatic TV Series. Is that right, or did I miss something?
ricetxpeaches I think that's everything. Mad Men really deserves the win IMO.
Gina looks gorgeous, and I just saw Kal Penn, but I am dying to know if Christina Hendricks there. Anyone seen her yet?

Dexter is up for the same award as Mad Men.

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Christina Hendricks is there and looking amazing. Her dress is simple but looks great on her.
You're right, RavenU. I haven't seen Christina Hendricks yet.
I'm trying to find a picture of her arrival. All of the sites I've tried only have pictures of the 'big names' up so far.
All my pretties! Love the pictures. Gina was gorgeous! All of them were.
sooo... about to start here on the west coast...
Mad Men won and Christina looks beautiful!
Christina and Vincent are standing next to each other.
Hehe. XD

They haven't shown Recount here yet, but I kinda want to see it I've heard so much about it and what not. They are gonna show it here this month or something.

I was all YAY when she said Danny Strong. XD And since it's the middle of the night and everybody else is asleep, yeah not good. XD

But can I just ask what was Kal Penn in (you know, that was Whedony) and what's with Mad Men?

I love that Anna Paquin won. XD Hehe. Was not expecting that one.
Mad Men has Christina (Firefly) and Vincent (Angel) as regular cast members and also has Marti Noxon as a consulting producer.

Kal Penn was in the Buffy episode Beer Bad per IMDB.
IMDB said he had been in an Angel ep. Kal Penn that is. lol. Weird. Oh, heh. I just didn't see below that.

What? I'm impatient. XD But thank you. :)

I see. Heh. Congrats on winning that to them then. lol. Never seen it, and the ads for it here have just bugged me. Plus, it's on a channel I don't on my TV and I would have to fight for the remote so...

But yay? heh.

(It's late. Like real late. 4:34 AM late. I'll go now. Heh.)
Did anyine else notice that Anna Paquin thanked Brigette Myre- Ellis for her work in make-up for True Blood? Brigette Myre-Ellis was also a make-up artist for Buffy for many years.
The all-caps in the title was a bit much.
NPH should have won. He definitely, definitely should have that Golden Globe in his hands right now, or on a mantle somewhere.
Kal Penn was in the Buffy episode Beer Bad per IMDB.

Maybe I'm wrong--probably, actually--but wasn't he (also?) in the episode of Angel where Angel releases Billy from the hell dimension? Wasn't he the guy in the fez through whose head Angel chucked a something or other?

Maybe I'm nuts.
Anna Paquin just won Best TV Actress for True Blood.

That made me so happy. As did Heath Ledger winning posthumously for The Dark Knight. Usually awards like that are sympathy awards, but he truly deserved it. He did the work. And Christopher Nolan gave a touching speech.

So happy for Danny Strong that Recount got due recognition. YES!
Jobo, Kal Penn was in an episode of Angel. Angel threw a spear or an arrow at his head, and well...Angel has good aim.
Yes, those were both Kal Penn: drunken Bear Bad boy on BtVS, AND mind control hurting Cordy on Angel.

And I really think that award shows should always be shown live, like sporting events (you wouldn't show the super bowl on taped delay would you? So why do it w/the award shows? *sigh*).

[ edited by embers on 2009-01-12 07:07 ]
Tonya J, I definitely think Ledger deserved the award...but I do feel it's a bit tainted since people would cry that he was robbed of it if they didn't give it to him. I'm cynical about award shows, I admit.
I always get so disappointed with these nominations, no actor ever wins who should. I know (sigh).

Thanks for the report, RavenU, you're a heart sent!
Sorry for my seeming Buffy-illiteracy, but what does Anna Paquin have to do with the Whedonverse?
There was a Dr. Horrible clip in the pre-red carpet show on E.

Poor Kal Penn. If only Firefly had lasted, he could have been a three-timer. There's always Dollhouse.

I'm still hyperventilating from seeing Shahrukh Khan presenting Slumdog Millionaire :) Bollywood's my other fandom. :)
(you wouldn't show the super bowl on taped delay would you? So why do it w/the award shows? *sigh*)

In fairness, players are less likely to swear (audibly) during the superbowl - I assume it's partly to avoid things like live swearing, live political rants, live costume "malfunctions" etc. And maybe also so it can be cut for time if it overruns ?

what does Anna Paquin have to do with the Whedonverse?

Nothing AFAIK (the photos aren't exclusively of Whedonverse alums).
Gina Torres looks magnificent - she is a goddess!
I was happiest with Gabriel Byrne winning for In Treatment. :-)
The Ninja Report, I saw a bit of the pre-show and saw Aaron Eckhart and Rachel Griffiths interviewed together (also Maggie Gyllenhal). They commented they would like to see him win, but it would be okay if he didn't. I think they were just glad his work was being recognized through the nomination. If other people thought he would have been robbed had he not won, that's their problem. The pity vote should never come into play.
Bookworm, I think she was mentioned because her show was about vampires. Then again she was in the X-men movie that Joss did some script doctoring on, I don't think she had any Joss lines though.
Delay? What about Aronofsky's finger, and the Slumdog writer's use of a word starting with 'f'?
Tonya J, I take their comments in the literal, in that I have no interpretation of what they mean by them other than how they say them...but just because THEY say they don't mind, doesn't mean they have any control over the vote.

I'm talking about the Hollywood committees in general in which talent sometimes takes a backseat to the publicity of the award shows and their influence on Hollywood. It's terribly political in many ways, and I feel that there may always be this cloud above the award and the question as to whether it was a pity award, or done out of publicity or out of anything but admiration of talent and recognition for good work.
Oh I wasn't complaining about the 10 second delay (obviously needed for Mickey Rourke's acceptance speech) but the three hour delay because evidently the network wants to run the Golden Globes during prime time on the West coast even though we already know who won because the show ran live for the East coast and central zones.
I know, who cares? These shows are long and boring whenever they are run, it just makes it that much worse that it is all old news so there is no excitement of wondering who would win.

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