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January 11 2009

New and Improved: 17 revamps that went much better than expected. "As a movie, Buffy is just a one-note idea. As a series, it's an epic."

I was just about to post this. I had even pulled the same quote. LOL. I'm always happy to see the av club give Buffy its due.
That was awesome. And so true.
So true! My thoughts exactly.
May we have that with a drum roll please? BtVS pretty much turned the television world on its ear.
The reason the film of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" came out the way it did was because of the way Joss Whedon's script was treated and ultimately-handled on screen.
The write-up about Doctor Who is largely accurate too.
Well, I largely agree with it if that's what you mean but the '96 TV movie was broadcast (so more like 9 years off the air than 15, unless they specifically mean as a series) and viewership of the new series is either up by millions or down by the same amount (depending on when you're counting - when it went off air in '89 it was only getting about 4 million viewers, the new series averages about 8, peaking at about 11 but classic who probably peaked at about 15 million so down on that by about 4 million).

ETA: course, it may well be written from a US perspective, in which case maybe thousands more viewers is closer to the truth.

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