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January 12 2009

(SPOILER) Eliza Dushku on Dollhouse - "I'm proud of what we're doing". This interview was conducted at last week's TCA press tour.

Hmm. She says . I'd already found that out by accident cruising the Dollhouse Wetpaint site a couple weeks ago, but does this mean it's not such a big deal? I mean, it seems like it ought to be... hm. Oh well.

ETA: Just finished the interview. The number of ellipses is a little bothersome to me, but I'm just a paranoid guy, perhaps. Anyway, it was nice. It made me happy to hear how excited her family was. Also, the idea that Eliza probably has a burned DVD of the first few episodes... it almost makes me think thieving thoughts.

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I guess that since it's now a plot point brought out in the first episode instead of several episodes into the run, they're not controlling the information. Or, she was tired and forgot that while she was talking to someone who likely saw the premiere, almost no one reading the article has.
She says that Caroline "may be" who she really is. There may be a twist here too.
Thanks for the interview.

I think - now that it's just over a month until the premiere - that I'm starting to get quite excited about this show. :) Which means I should probably start staying away from spoilers. ;)
Favorite promo pic!
To remake a point - if a link is tagged spoilers, expect spoilers. I'm actually amused by the Dollhouse spoilers on the Dr Horrible DVD.
I think I read somewhere that the first episode now shows a glimpse or two of Echo pre-Dollhouse, so perhaps the Caroline connection is indeed revealed early on.
gossi, do you mean the whiteboard in the back? I couldn't make out much there, except for Victor and Sierra kissing and a client being rejected. Can anyone decipher more?
I have more, but I tweeted them and right now I'm still in bed.
Multiple personalities; hope she lives to be older than Peter Sellers.

I lvoe this idea, altho I'm doubtful I'll be able to hook up cable-wise; and Friday 9PM I can be home by.

Ye gods, she's grown up....

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