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January 12 2009

Firefly Mod for Freelancer video game goes into playable test phase. It looks pretty good but I have not played it yet. Freelancer already has a very "Verse" feel to it and the 26 ships this modder group has worked on look pretty good.

A Starwars Battlefront II mod for the Battle of Serenity Valley is also available from another group of game modders.

If you know of any other good Whedonverse game mods please post them.

Of course if you are a do it yourselfer, you can always just build Serenity in Spore
I really enjoyed Freelancer back then, I think I will give this a try.
Downloading now!Has there been any other mention of the Buffy MMO?
Fraid not. I reckon it'll be a while yet before we hear anything.
Thanks for that link, Jaynes Hat, a Firefly Mod for Freelancer sounds great to me.

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