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January 12 2009

Can't Stop The Serenity needs YOU to be in their video. The CSTS gang are looking to put together a introductory video for this year's screenings. And so, they're looking for fans to film themselves describing they love the 'Verse and more.

Sorry to be a little off topic, but I just wanted to mention that I attended two CSTS screenings in Arizona last year and was quite disappointed that Joss's Equality Now award speech was not included as an introduction to either event. I believe that his speech perfectly sums up why we are all there in the first place and heightens awareness for the importance of organizations such as Equality Now.
It really depends on the venue and whether or not they could have projected a DVD, because that was the issue I had with the venue in Albany the first year. They didn't have a DVD projector and it would have cost too much to rent one just for that. It does fit perfectly as an opening of Serenity for the CSTS screenings, but sometimes it just isn't cost effective in order to raise the most money.
Well, they had shown the clip the previous two years, so I don't know why they chose not to last year.
Don't know then. Guess they figured everyone had seen it.
Thank you for the input JossIzBoss. I personally will make sure we have it this year. It is a great speech and needs to be shown. I have a CD copy of Joss' speech and will pass it on.

Arizona Browncoat
madmolly - thanks, that's great! I just wanted to make it clear that I wasn't trying to single out the AZ Browncoats. You all have done a spectacular job the past three years putting on numerous screenings. I just think that the speech is an important reminder for those of us who have seen it and a spectacular introduction for newcomers (I brought along 4 newbz with me to the screening in Phoenix - I had recently converted them to FF and for some it was even the first time they'd seen Serenity. They certainly weren't familiar with Equality Now or the connection to Joss Whedon).

ETA - and now I return this hijacked thread to its original topic. Sorry!

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