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January 12 2009

A Dr. Horrible sequel? - 'Not right now' says Neil Patrick Harris. He tells MTV's Splash Page "We just worked on the DVD. It has its own unique commentary musical that I think is kick-ass. But otherwise there's no future with it at the moment".

I think it's time to PANIC!!!!! Dr. Horrible has been canceled by the internets!!! Time to roam the get the pitchforks and torches!!! Where's the internet headquarters?? Is it Skullcrusher Mountain?
Maybe that will finally make people notice that all the "there's going to be a sequel!" talk in the past couple of weeks was absolutely no different than when Jed at Comic-Con said there'd be more, and didn't somehow mean one was in the actual pipeline.
Well Joss saying he had a definte idea of what he wanted to do when there is a sequel was new I think.

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I'd have to rummage, but I actually don't think it was. I think he said almost all along that he knew where it went next. But I think he might have really only said that twice: Once around Comic-Con and once recently, so it wasn't something firmly implanted in people's memories.
Not a day has gone by since I got the DVD without at least one song from Commentary! The Musical flying from my lips. Like a dove. A beautiful, musical dove. But funny.
I assume we can expect a sequel as soon as the next writers strike puts all of Hollywood out of business. When is that contract up?
NPH (what's he wearing, dread?) is right. Commentary! is totally kick-ass. Speaking of which, I wonder if the Powers That Be, aka The Horribles, will tweet anytime soon about whether they'll release Commentary! as downloadable audible files. It'd be awesome to know if that will happen. Speaking of Horrible tweets, a recent one reveals that The Horribles were reading our stuff here about the Commentary! lyrics typos and have made correx. Cool. They're the best ever. Seriously, folks, it's not like we're owed any of this stuff. It's all a gigantic, kick-ass gift.

As would be a Dr. Horrible sequel. Oh yes.

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Well it is obvious to me, based on absolutely no information, that Joss, Zack, Jed, and Maurissa are secretly writing the sequel, but they plan to leave Neil out of it because he was so difficult to work with.
phlebotinin: I'm almost now feeling a sad bit of guilt that they saw the lyric typo discussion. Like you say, it's a tad like kicking our gift horses. Our shiny, shiny gift horses. Not Bad Horse. Gift Horse.
@embers LoL. I'm sure Nathan had some scheming to add to that diabolical plan. :)
Is it Skullcrusher Mountain?

I hope that you've enjoyed your stay so far, I see you've met my assistant Scarface.

No need to picnic, just yet, I'm sure. All that Neil is saying is that there is no concrete plan - and of course His Purple Mountains Majesty would be the one to announce it.
k8cre8, I would hope that The Horribles read our typo discussion and understood it came from crazy-obsessive fans responding out of crazy-obsessive love rather than from ungrateful Gift Horse kickers. Since His Greatness Jed Whedon (he sure is great) went ahead and made the corrections, they can't be too mad, right? (I'm presuming it was Jed who made the correx. Maybe not, though. For some reason, whenever I read the Horrible tweets, I imagine it's Jed writing them. But oh lord, maybe it's Maurissa. Or Zack. I don't think it's Joss, somehow. Whoever it was, we are most grateful.)
21 hours ago:
Thanks to whedonesque Commentary! flaws fixed ... If more flaws exist, you are now partly to blame

I'm sure they realize we'd know better than to kick a Bad Gift Horse. They must be feeling the love.
As long as they're not feeling the Horse. That's wrong and illegal everywhere but Wyoming which doesn't really exist anyhoove. ;-)
If more flaws exist, you are now partly to blame

Aaagh! That is WAY too much pressure, man!</tweek>

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