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January 12 2009

Leaked Dollhouse script is not the real deal. It's actually the first draft of a pseudo spec script that got put online without the author's consent.

We had a bit of a discussion about it a couple of days ago.

Oh so that's what Jackal was working on. Hah.
Three things:

a) Love Adelle in the script.
b) The 'spike is a male slayer' tag cracks me up.
c) I'm not sure what the 3rd one is.
Nice to get this finally cleared up.
Tell me about it!
Was there a fake Buffy script back in the day where Spike's a slayer?
That's kind of disappointing. Didn't read any of the spoilers, but it sounded like people loved it.
Was there a fake Buffy script back in the day where Spike's a slayer?

Yes. Back before Angel season 5 premiered, a spec script got leaked (intentionally cynics might say) that had Spike returning as a male Slayer.
Well, if fans can produce such loved scripts, than what's the actual show gonna be like? :)
That's rather amusing. It's sort of a relief that the scripts aren't leaked so easily online.
I seem to remember the Angel one was only the first act which was actually written.
This is the best fandom history I didn't know since... ever.
Thx for these links! As someone who has become Whedon-obsessed quite recently these old Sagas of The Fandom are always fun to read. :)
I still think it's Sarah Michelle Gellar.
Wow, all that time wasted on deconstructing a fake. ;-)

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