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January 12 2009

James Marsters ups the "Numb3rs". Of Whedon related actors to guest star on the show that airs Friday nights on CBS and stars two former verse alums, David Krumholtz and Navi Rawat.

Also a reunion of sorts between James and Rob Morrow, from Northern Exposure days.

Good news! There are some outtakes of a "Northern Exposure" episode where Rob Morrow tried to snuggle with James. Good times!
Wait, who was he on Northern Exposure?
James had two roles on NE. One was a small one as a bellhop and the other as a minister when Maggie and Joel went to Grosse Pointe.

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James was so funny as the minister and you are correct the bellhop was a very small part. Didn't the minister go on for at least 2 shows?
Woot! Jimmy had been a busy boy! Can't wait to see his character in Numb3rs, I recently started watching the show - it has it's off and on moments but is pretty consistent and rarely in crime shows to you see characters develop and grow so well. It does a good part in making me feel humbled in mathematical knowledge - like A LOT.

When is James going to go on Supernatural? *whine* I hear Kripke would like to have him and James seemed interested as well. I want to see him Jensen Ackles and Misha Collins before he leaves! *crossing fingers that Cas stays on*
The bellhop may have been a small part but that's the one that got him a snog (rather than a snuggle.) Pretty funny really. He's just leaning against the wall minding his own business when Morrow just leaps up and plants one on him. Looks quite bewildered. Snerk.

Looking forward to Numbers. I always intended to watch it but ended up not doing it once it started. Time to finally give it a try.
Er, not Gross Pointe. Grosse Pointe.
This is the first I've heard of outtakes from Northern Exposure. Where are those available?

The minister was only in one (memorable) episode. I was so surprised when I heard that that character was played by JM. It should be interesting for them to work together again after all these years. I beleive JM has commented that he had no idea what he was doing in that it was his first experience with TV/film.

I also seem to remember JM saying that they told him they were interested in bringing the character back, but that episode was pretty late in the series. It could have been a good idea. I adored NE but IMO the show crumbled horribly at the end and I'm not sure that the PTB were thinking too clearly after a point.
Not just Numbers (ick. Math is hard.) but Reed Richards! I'm a big ol' FF fan, and I'm excited.

James playing the most intelligent good guy in the world. Yay!
I want to see him Jensen Ackles and Misha Collins before he leaves! *crossing fingers that Cas stays on*

What? Who? Huh? :o

I'm confuzzled. Who's leaving? Please don't say Jensen Ackles. I'm only midway through the first season. :(
Don't worry, deepgirl187, Jensen doesn't leave. They are referring to Misha Collins who plays an angel named Castiel in the 4th season. James on Numb3ers!!!! Yes!! My daughter watches this show, I've caught it a few times but never got hooked. James has come a long way in his career since his Northern Exposure stint. I can't wait!!
The NE outtakes are included in the DVD sets for the show. They may very well be on Youtube also if you dig around.
Numb3rs is a lot of fun. It can pretty much be watched in any order, but there's a bit of through line that rewards watching it in order from the beginning.

And for those keeping score at home, Jeff Kolber (Zachary Kralik and Rack) had a role on the show a few weeks back -- and it was strongly implied he'd be back from time to time.
deepgirl187, Jensen is not going ANYWHERE. There wouldn't be a Supernatural without him. Like luvspike said, I meant a new characters that quickly jumped from "I hate him" shelf to "please keep him on" bedside table ;) Rumor has it, that if SPN is popular enough to get a new season, Misha will be staying on. His method of acting just makes me want to see him and James face off. It would be delicious!

And James playing a baddy on Numb3rs... awww, it makes me wonder how hot he'd be playing a genius science nerd. I would love to see that. Hmm, well, there's always House *wink*
I'm a fan of Numb3rs, mostly because of the cast. And that it's a much lighter procedural, which is always fun. So I will have double the fun watching James Marsters on the show.
I was happy to see Morena Baccarin on the show a few episodes back and was bummed how that story line ended, because if they could have found a way to keep her even for a few episodes, that would have been cool. She adds a nice grace to any thing she's been on.
^_^ Yay!! I don't really follow Numb3rs constantly, but I watch it sometimes, and it looks really good... Waiting for this episode...very happy to see some more James on screen -and not all green- soon!!
I was happy to see Morena Baccarin on the show a few episodes back and was bummed how that story line ended, because if they could have found a way to keep her even for a few episodes, that would have been cool.

Agreed. She would have made an excellent recurring character. Especially given the moral dilemma she created/was involved in. That would have played out more satisfying spread over a few episodes instead of crammed into one.
Wait, Morena was on Numb3rs? Where was I? I watch this show.
Her and Colby got it on. She was a material witness too. That Colby, he's a rascal.

(she still has short hair, might've made her harder to recognise ?)
Maybe I missed a week.
Must've. I mean, it's only short hair, it's not like she wore her spare head that week or anything.
it's not like she wore her spare head that week or anything

Yes, I'd have noticed if she looked like Fillion.
Name: Colby Granger
Skills: Being a triple agent; being a rascal; being attracted to inappropriate situations.

Interesting fact. Dylan Bruno, who plays Colby, has an engineering degree from MIT.
Isn't Dollhouse going to be in the same time slot as Numb3rs? Either that, or the same slot as BSG?
Either way, much as I love JM, I hope his ep airs either before Dollhouse begins or after BSG ends. (Can hardly type the sentence "BSG ends" without getting a major lump in my throat). :(
She was in "Blowback" October 17. Incidentally, D.B. Woodside's in that episode, as well. Thankfully, it's still available online:

And, yes, there's going to be some major overlaps. Which is why God invented DVRs that can record 2 shows at once (I just got one last week; just in time!). Hopefully, it'll be enough (I like a couple of other Friday shows, too).
Numbers will clash with BSG, not Dollhouse.
Don't think this requires the front page, but it is interesting nonetheless. A snap of James Marsters with Rob Marrow. The bad guy and the good gay face to face... chatting.

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