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January 12 2009

(SPOILER) "Dollhouse not perfect, but don't [picnic]." With apologies to Jenny Thomas of Pioneer Press Newspapers, I've substituted our own word for her actual one. Another premiere episode review, basically consistent with the growing consensus, calls it "a bit muddled" but emphasizes the "major potential".

I could not be angrier at myself right now. I just haaaad to put the Ramen in and then post.
Although if you hadn't also posted, I would not have noticed that I forgot the spoiler tag on mine.
Well, I'll take some comfort in that, then.

That said, I'm done with official reviews now. This didn't really go over the edge for me in terms of revelations--and it's seeming incredibly likely now that --but we're getting more specific about the premise than I'd like. So unless it leaks, I'm Dollhouse-info-free 'til 2/13.

ETA: Sorry if I accidentally spoiled anyone. Thanks, Caroline.

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Having just watched the first episode, I think this is a very fair, and insightful, review. (Although I wouldn't use the word "muddled"). I wasn't blown away by DH. But I was intrigued, sufficiently to want to watch further - and I've been scrupulously steering clear of all spoilers/plot details for this show. It didn't zing, as my first episode of Buffy did, or move me in the way the Firefly pilot did, but it was intelligent, clearly has depth, and features some great characters and performances. I say yes. :-)
Bah. Even SNT has seen it! What happened to all those Portland media connections I used to have?!
YEAH! And the Detroit media connections that ... er, um, I never had. o.o
Nevermind that, what about those Whedonesque mod connections I used to have?
I'm holding judgement 'til I watch the first episode. Must be nice to be a MOD and get all those pre-screening tapes. I'm so jealous beyond belief :)
Bah, it used to be that not having any connections in the biz and, indeed, not actually living in America had its privileges, now look at us, reduced to waiting for literally weeks until we see it. Bah I say, and again, bah.

(I hate to sound negative but do we know if Joss et gang are providing a semi-resolution after the 13 episodes ? I'd hate it to end on a cliff-hanger, what with, y'know, the way the wind seems to be blowing)
Oh, Saje, surely there's a smile in there somewhere....don't make us tickle you!
So is any hope for Dollhouse appearing on UK tv finished at this point? Are we all going to have to look around in the murkier parts of the net and download it illegally?

I guess there's always Hotspot Shield and Hulu, but with the speed loss and Hulu's annoying five minute bluffer limit, I was getting seven minutes buffering for seven minutes viewing when I tried it.
So is any hope for Dollhouse appearing on UK tv finished at this point?

Still nothing. I would imagine the recession won't help the situation either.
Dollhouse hasn't been picked up outside the US, with the exception of Fox in Oz. (Somebody correct me if I'm wrong about that).
It'll show in the UK eventually, just like things like The Inside did, but at this rate it could be months or even years away. If it was available on iTunes or something similar I'd pay to see it, but as it stands I will be watching the following day by … ermm … less legally sanctioned means.

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This reviewer feels about the same way as I predict I'll feel after the pilot. Nothing will blow me away, but I'll be interested enough to watch the next episode due to the overall potential. Joss' real genius will come as the show gains momentum.

I found it interesting what she said about Agent Ballard. Like Kate, from Angel, I found the part too 'real world' for my tastes. Living in a fantasy world with demons and vampires, an ordinary, mundane cop didn't do anything for me. Like the reviewer said, it felt too cardboard-y. I was happy when Kate left Angel. I wonder if I'll feel the same way with Agent Ballard's character.
Dollhouse hasn't been picked up outside the US, with the exception of Fox in Oz. (Somebody correct me if I'm wrong about that).

Malaysia as well.
dzr, ITV haven't touched "Dollhouse" so we're not talking months, it takes a while to get the rights. If it's a TV hit we'll sit it out for a while as Sky, Five, C4 and the Beeb battle it out, if it's not I suspect it'll end up on ITV4 or Living, that kind of thing.
I think CanWest has picked up Dollhouse quite some time ago. Is this still on? Any Canadians here that can confirm that?
Yes, I'm not Canadian, but CanWest in Canada and Channel Ten in Australia as reported here by me.
The FXInsider have talked about Dollhouse on several occasions, so I've always assumed them to be the most likely candidate to get it in the UK.

...They usually take a while to air things, though.
Go Canadia, Australia, and Malaysia. I am sorry nothing's changed for you, UK people.
Well any channel would be better than nothing, but if we do get it eventually in the UK, I hope it's not on an obscure channel that most people don't have (i.e. me ;). What was the audience for Veronica Mars on Living or Firefly wherever that was? Pretty small, I imagine. Even a freeview channel like ITV4 is easy to overlook - I completely missed The Inside. If I hadn't been paying close attention I wouldn't have noticed that season two of Dexter started there this week (and was of course brilliant :).
I cannot believe the pilot hasn't leaked yet with all these copies floating around. Geez.
I totally disagree with this headline. I think a picnic is an excellent idea. Hooray for these Phoenix January days and our highs of 70 degrees.

Yeah, I'll pay for it starting in April, but I might as well enjoy it while I can.
NotaViking, Dexter is also on ITV1, this Thursday at 10.35.
"We're going to let the show play out for 13 episodes." - Reilly on "Dollhouse." Is that a commitment?

moley75, curiously it isn't on then in Scotland (we get Politics Now instead, aren't you jealous ;) and it's not on any other time on STV (our ITV1), just ITV4.
Since their "scheduling guru" said basically the same thing, I guess its very likely that it's true.
NotaViking, bummer :-(
Yay! Officially one month away! And the review seemed to be what I've been expecting all along. I'm really looking forward to this series.
well, I'm glad this is coming to a reality.

If you live in Ottawa or I think Toronto, you can pick up the detroit Fox station to watch it there.
Well hey, I have to download Dr. Who so I guess you guys can download Dollhouse. :)

I buy the DVDs later to support the show, so I feel justified in my actions.

Maybe our countries could work out a Dr. WHO/Dollhouse trade agreement. :)

I am not sure of the legalities of it anymore. It used to be (in the US) that if the company producing it was not trying to sell it or show it in your country then copyright didn't apply. It was how people doing anime fan subbing were able to have companies and sell their fansubbed stuff legally about 13 years ago. It was a gray area though and I am sure our corporate masters have closed whatever loophole allowed that since then.

Of course Dr. who is shown and sold here, but I refuse to wait 6 months just to have the sci-fi channel chop it up and insert commercials. They were better on the time lag last year, but they still chopped it up and made it unwatchable. NO wonder Dr. Who always fails in the U.S.
It didn't fail in the good old days when it aired on PBS here in the US.
"... always fails in the U.S."

Um, when did it fail? Did I miss something? Is it failing on SciFi?
I guess I should have said it has never been a hit here in the United States, although many would say it's low ratings would equal a failure. Sci-fi channel doesn't expect huge ratings though, and PBS got a lot of devoted fans to donate money during Dr. Who episodes in the 80s.

Sure I used to watch it on PBS and I tried to watch it on Scifi, but most people look at me funny when I say Dr who in the U.S. Then they ask "Dr. Who?" :)

I wish HDnet would buy Dr. Who. I really like watching Torchwood uninterupted and in HD on that channel even if I have to pay an extra 7 bucks a month for the HD package.

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