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August 11 2003

'Buffy Dialogue Database' becomes 'Buffyverse Dialogue Database' The site that, for a couple years, has been a database for clips of dialogue from BtVS has now expanded to include Angel as well.

Oh! Ooh! You're right, Forcorreo for posting this! I hadn't thought about it but this is very noteworthy. I can't recall how many times (if ever before) that the BDB has been posted to Whedonesque, but regardless, this is definitely a moment to shine a spotlight on it. Cuz a lot of work's been done on it recently to make her one of the best Buffy resources online, and she looks great. One of my personal faves. I'm kicking myself for not having thought of this and beating forcorreo to the punch. =)
just piling on with the praise for vrya's BVDDB. Great resource and always an entertaining visit. Also fun is her Tangled Synthesis BtVS companion multimedia site. the techno dialogue remixes are absolutely inspired. My fav: Darth Rosenberg (....Oh Buffy)
Thanks ZachsMind- I did debate whether I should post it or not.
jeebs- Yeah, I love her multimedia. Her mixes- I think I like the ones from 'Beneath You' and 'Bring on the Night' the best.
Very cool site, thanks for posting it forcorreo.
my computer seems to be having a spaz attack sorry

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oops sorry double post

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Yes, lots of new work has been and is continuing to be done on the site. It is a wonderful site; Vrya does an amazing job.

Don't forget the search feature, which is so very useful. And the AKAs are always a hilarious read.

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