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January 12 2009

Lots of details on Steven DeKnight's new Starz show, Spartacus. The new series will be "a totally R-rated-hard-hard show," say producers Rob Tapert and Steven S. DeKnight...

"Much like '300,' there will be a visual beauty to the way it is shot," says showrunner DeKnight. "There's an ode to violence ... there are decapitations, people being split in half ... we don't want to shy away f[ro]m violence or sexuality. The beauty of being on premium cable is there is no story we canít tell."

Meanwhile, Mr. Fienberg twitters from the TCAs this week about SSD and his marvelous tattoos. (Anybody got some photos?)

Is Starz a hulu network? Cuz I'd really like to see this since I. AM. SPARTACUS!TM
No, I am Spartacus.

I'm really not.
Well, you're closer to being Spartacus than I am since you're of the masculine persuasion. But I bet I've worn more short leather skirts than you have.
This has certainly caught my attention, if anyone can capture the spirit of "Spartacus", it's DeKnight. I just hope he leans more to the truth of the story rather than falling to the SFX as "300" did.

Looking forward to the watch. Thanks for the update, ProgGrrl.
Well, I wouldn't say "300" "fell to the SFX." Assuming you mean that it relied on special effects without care for what they contributed or took away from the story. Most of SFX in "300" are really just that the whole movie was shot against green screen and then the backgrounds composited in. I thought that aspect worked very well for the film, and I'm pretty particular about such things. The worst use of effects in "300" is all the absurd slow motion. Here's hoping the trailer for watchmen features all the slow motion from the film.

"300" was extremely stylist, and purposefully so. In that regard it worked. Things like Spider Man, that are presented more or less realistically until a rubber man starts swinging around New York are examples of effects that are misused. "MI-III" had a load of CG that all worked very well with the visual style of the movie, most people don't even realize there is CG (just by looking that is, it can certainly be assumed looking at the things that occur). So "Spartacus'" look will hopefully be supported by the SFX, like "300" or "MI-III" as opposed to hindered by it like :"Spider Man" or probably any Sci-Fi MOW.

It's late, I'm sleepy, weird examples are coming to mind.
Look, don't make me come over there to the hood and bust you guys up in the grill with, err, caps - told you before, i'm Spartacus. Yo.

So it's a "hard R" in the US and then they're gonna amp it up for the rest of us ? Jeez, can you get more graphic than splitting people in half ? Like, splitting them in thirds maybe ?

(it'll probably be the sex more than the violence they ramp up I bet)

Sounds good though, I liked the style of '300' even if some of the writing felt a bit dodgy in parts (I don't think the graphic novel is Miller's best work though it's still, y'know, Miller ;) so that but toned down slightly could be cool. Re: their "monster" comment BTW, I thought the whole idea of '300' was that it was a heroic epic being related by Spartans to Spartans (or maybe that 'traveller' dude) hence the big Homeric spectacles and semi-blurring not into fantasy but legend.
Hah! Saje, Cabri and b!x! In reference to previous posts here, I think Cabri, you and b!x should do the gladitorial tango this time. (Am tired out from being disqualified). The winner gets to fight Saje, due to technicalities (of which were none of my doing )(blame my parents if you must and Cabri because it was her fantasy). And while we're on the subject...due to Sajes' threats of ballgown wearage here, could this be the elusive Saje?

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Had to be said.
This place is full of Spartaci.
I thought Kirk Douglas was Spartacus.
You know, that scene in the 1960 movie, the voices shouting it were not those of the extras standing up on screen, but Minnesota college students recorded in a football stadium.

One of those misty moments of the silver screen for me >sniff<, .
Hum... I think I might like this show!
Ugh. Doesn't anyone else read 'Deadwood meets Gladiator' or whatever the exact words are and Or vomit in fear/rage? Does whoever spoke those words have any idea how utterly, absolutely different those two stories are in intent/execution/morality/everything/Jesusjustkillme? It's like saying you want to make 'The Wire meets CSI.'

The article is on about 'We're not gonna pay for location shooting, it's basically a TV adaptation of a film, OMGZ RAD FX GORE SEX YEAH' and if anyone other than DeKnight were mentioned we'd all be laughing hysterically at what vapid prostitutes the people in the article sound like. Come on! This is not an encouraging piece of corporate PR shilling, this is that other kind of corporate PR shilling.
Gotta love the gore & sex. Too bad I'm in America. It definitely sounds fun, though.
waxbanks, I'm with you. Also, "totally R-rated-hard-hard show" makes it sound pornographic, and not in an appealing way. It just sounds grunty and stupid and annoying and not worthy of the name "Spartacus."

But don't mind me. I'm feeling sour with all the Dollhouse doom going around. It's seeped into my pores and made me annoyed at the world.
It's very hard for me to visualize this show; the Deadwood reference was, well, deadly. Leaving it at like, in the vicinity of Rome would have been better. Except Rome used real locations, which was a huge part of its charm; it was sumptuous, it was based on mostly real people and events. If Rome used green screen, I'm not aware of it. I'm afraid to me, this sounds like total dreck but loving DeKnight, hope he proves me wrong.

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I thought it sounded kinda fun, myself. Although from this brief description, the Deadwood part plays second fiddle to the Gladiator part, which would not be my preference.

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