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January 13 2009

(SPOILER) Review of Amber Benson's 'Death's Daughter'. Extremely short, favorable review of Our Favorite Ash-Blonde's latest horror chick-lit novel. Mild plot outline spoilers.

It's on my amazon wish list. :)
Grain of salt the size of Topeka: Harriet Klausner has never reviewed anything she doesn't like. I see her name and groan every time.

I'm looking forward to this book anyway, though....
I've read the spoilerish review and have the same thoughts on the reviewer. It doesn't matter though because I'll buy this book anyway. Looks exciting.
The plot sounded so silly when I read it at So naturally, I will have to buy it.

Ever since I feel in love with the show centered around a vampire-fighting blonde ex-cheerleader, I've realized that silly descriptions and plots can hide very very good things.

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