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January 13 2009

Fox cancels 'Prison Break'. This'll be the final season for Wentworth Miller's show. And it looks like Prison Break will be the lead-in for Dollhouse in April.

In case anyone is wondering why we are covering this, it's cause Wentworth was in the Buffy episode 'Go Fish'. And the show got a fair bit coverage here when it first aired.

Also, it could be Dollhouse's new lead-in, assuming the show is still airing, this April.

(By that, I don't necessarily mean it might be cancelled before April... just that it could finish its run before then.)
[geek]Marti also worked briefly on Prison Break[/geek]

I think Dollhouse's 13 episode run will go until the end of April, assuming it's on every week.
I'm kinda glad. I am a fan of the show, but the story lines tend to "jump the shark" every couple of episodes now. I think I roll my eyes more than I enjoy it now. It's time to end.
I think Dollhouse goes until May. Or at least that's what the PR guy told me once, and I never bothered to actually count Fridays to see.

ETA that this was in an exchange that included me asking the "what happens to the sets" question and the conversation stopping dead right there. Heh.

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I knew that a long time ago. I don't think its a cancellation. It's a show that (finally) ends.

But seeing how Fox put it on Friday makes me wonder if it isn't really their graveyard. I mean, first Terminator and now PB? The shows that have the worst ratings both go to friday night slot? That makes me suspicious.
They will likely break it for sports a few times, I'd imagine.
Well, if it went straight through, the finale would be May 8.
Or that. When are sweeps?
April 23 - May 20, 2009.
I don't want to take this off topic, but - I am still intrigued by Fox dude saying they could air 11-12 episodes of Dollhouse, when they've shot 13. I'm wondering if they might take it off at sweeps if the ratings are off.

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Meanwhile, a luxury watch blogger in Palo Alto who says "Any other joss Wheaton fans?" is getting to see Dollhouse tonight, before any of us who actually know the man's name. Life is pain!
Anyway, on Prison Break: I watched all of the first two seasons, much of the third, and like two episodes of the fourth. I think I was enamored more of the idea of switching up the show every year than its actual execution of that idea.
I don't think it will be preempted by sports at all unless Fox decides to show the first game of the season between the Red Sox and Yankees (This season it will be Friday, April 24) like they did a couple of years ago.

If Fox decides to air all 13 episodes, there might be a two-week break sometime April so they can end the season in late May.
gossi, they've shot 13, including the unused pilot, so that makes 12 airings, right?

Also, bummer Prison Break was cancelled. It had a good soundtrack and some good suspense stuff going on.
No, the actual episode order is 13, and the junked original first episode doesn't count in fulfilling that order. So there will be 13 actual episodes.
I never really got into Prison Break. my brother loves it. I watched a couple of marathons in fox and yeah it was ok, but one of those shows you reserve for the winter,sort of speak.
All I know about it I learned from my friendslist.
I'm fairly certain that the unused pilot is not included in the count. There are (or will be) 13 episodes prepared to air.

Fox will shift [Prison Break] to Fridays this spring for its final run of episodes

<tongue-in-cheek> ...but Friday isn't where shows go to die... </tongue-in-cheek>
I’m a fan of PB and also glad that it reached its end – it was a long time coming, and too far a stretch built, IMO. I’m now basically watching it for William Fichtner and with the exposure of this show; I’m hoping that he moves on to greater things.

ETA - Oh, and in case this wasn't mentioned before (I'm sure it has but I missed it) another Whedon connection to the show is Keith Szarabajka (Holtz) he appeared in episode 10 this season - with Mahone - so double my pleasure! :D

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Aren't they using most of the unaired pilot as episode two? Granted, I have skipped reading most of the episode spoilers so i could be wrong.....
Aren't they using most of the unaired pilot as episode two?

Oh well, another show I don't watch (Prison Break) bites the dust! Bring on the new shows like Dollhouse!:)
Oh well, another show I don't watch bites the dust! Hopefully it makes more room for new shows like Dollhouse.
Sorry for the double posts! Silly me!
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I don't understand. I thought Terminator: the Sarah Connors Chronicles was going to lead Dollhouse.
There aren't enough T:SCC episodes left to make it all the way to the end of Dollhouse's run. So, when they are done, Prison Break will take the slot.
Is Jodi Lyn-O'Keefe in PB? It sure looks like her in the brief glimpses I catch in previews, but whenever I try to look at it I never catch that character.

I really liked her on "Nash Bridges" and saw her a while ago on something else...I can't remember what now, but there was a pool involved...a drowning, I believe.

Also - has anyone seen "Dollhouse" previews? I watch FOX a lot (Bones, AI, T:SCC) and haven't seen a single one.
There reportedly was a Dollhouse ad during last Friday's showing of Bruce Almighty, watched by about three people. No other reports since. Certainly none during the first four hours of 24, nor the first two hours of American Idol.
ShadowQuest, that is indeed Jodi Lyn O'Keefe. I haven't watched this season, but I think she's in it less than she was last season.
b!X I watched all of Idol (Except for some quick hops over to Biggest Loser to try catching the weigh-in) and didn't see anything.

Haven't seen any adverts for Tony's "Merlin" on NBC, either. Hmm.

Polter-Cow Thanks. I thought I recognized those big blue eyes of hers.
Season 1 was good, season 2 was ok but it has been getting progressively sillier so am not at all suprised it has been cancelled. I gave up after a few episodes of season 4. Hopefully the money can be thrown at something else a little better!
I've never watched Prison Break... but I assume it's not, as it's always sounded to me it might be, season after season of Wentworth Miller trying to dig a hole in a cell wall with a spork or something...?
Kirochka, from what my friend tells me of PB, the first season was "awesome", but that's where it should have ended. They spent the first season breaking out of prison, and then the story goes (or doesn't) from there.

Is it wrong that I like this Kevin guy better than the other one? Maybe it's because he hasn't said anything that could be taken as "negative" about Dollhouse.
I don't think it's wrong, Kevin Reilly has been a nice executive to hear from right since the beginning of Dollhouse. I especially liked his "He had me at 'hello'."-story about Joss pitching him the show. He has quite a cool history too, back in his days at NBC, giving shows like 30 Rock and The Office second seasons despite low ratings and stuff.
I always thought it'd be a great ending if Lincoln becomes a horrible human being (y'know: evil and all that) and Michael is consumed with guilt knowing that he broke him out in view of the misery that Lincoln has caused to others lives.
Ligouri is Reilly's boss. FYI

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