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January 13 2009

(SPOILER) Tahmoh Penikett talks to Zap2it about BSG and Dollhouse. It's a video interview.

such a gentleman, and cute too!
Tahmoh certainly knows how to be charming and carry an interview even when he has zero help from the actual interviewer.
She could have asked questions that weren't ridiculously open ended like "tell me about Dollhouse" or unanswerable like "give me BSG spoilers". What the frak?
I watched this earlier and I finally got it why Joss chose him. He's going to be a huge fan favourite.
Ditto, Simon. I wasn't really taken with him at first, but with this interview I'm starting to see it.
I saw an interview he gave during the 2nd season of BSG to a Canadian interviewer from their version of Extra. The thing that struck about him is how humble, down-to-earth, relaxed and just an easy going guy. He revealed he is part Inuit and loves meditation. Apparently, he was a bit of prankster and troublemaker in high school until the principal told him to get into the arts program which he says calmed him down and got him focused. Just a good guy overall.
What a gracious lovely man he seems to be. Although he's had some great storylines in Battlestar, I can't wait to see what I can do on Dollhouse.

The interviewer lady however, is thoroughly irritating.
Goofball that I am, I wanted to see the dress he thought was so pretty.
*sighs* Tahmoh. I can already see I'm going to enjoy watching Ta- erm, Dollhouse this February.
I fell in love with him during an interview he gave at Comic-Con. He was just so articulate and genuinely kind-seeming. I really like him.
I like him. And this is just another piece of proof to put on the large pile of why I like him (although my experience is limited to only Dollhouse, having not received my BSG DVDs yet).

In the interview, I started to wonder if . Pure speculation, mind you, since I have no proof to back any of this up. ;)

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