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January 13 2009

New Dr Horrible Tees for sale. The Dr Horrible team tweets about some new merchandise. Pick your team and wear it on your chest. Quote from twitter: "...some new merch. more to come."

(I'm thinking these would make great tees to make your friends and family wear at the next picnic to sort out who plays on what team for family softball... or whatever.) Or the tourney for charity thing bix mentioned. That'd be cool too.

Or we need to book a field and have a charity Dr. Horrible softball tourney at Comic-Con.
And by "we" I mean someone else.
And STILL no Penny T-shirts!!!
Why are the shirts so expensive! (I want to play softball.)
But it's a great idea! Too bad I won't be going.

ETA: this was in response to bix's tourney idea at Comic Con but some comments got in between the layers... like pie filling.

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And STILL no Penny T-shirts!!!

That's true! Where is the Penny love?
What if you're Team Jacob?
To be clear, the tweet that announced this said:
some new merch. more to come.

I guess Team Penny would have to settle for Guild shirts.
And STILL no Penny T-shirts!!!

You realize that complaining about this will result in "Whats-her-name!" t-shirts, right? Meaning it will say that instead of 'Penny'.

[ edited by zeitgeist on 2009-01-13 23:16 ]
Hee. Team Hammer's long time girlfriend, what's her name. (Would that fit.)

ETA: (geez I'm full of edit today) I added the actual quote with a link to the original tweet up top.

[ edited by NYPinTA on 2009-01-13 23:13 ]
Technically, zeit, they'd say "whats-her-name".
I think a baseball raglan-style 'Evil League of Evil' shirt would be appropriate. Just throwin' it out there.

And I would love a softball game...if I were financially able to get to CA.

[ edited by Haikes on 2009-01-13 23:17 ]
Whenever I think of "shirt" in terms of "Penny" I think of a sharp shard o' Death Ray shrapnel sticking out of said shirt. Sadly.

(Hee. I just realized that my post would be torture for Steve Berg to say. Which reminds me of "Steve's Song," which reminds me of Commentary!, which reminds me that I hope that some of the upcoming merchandise include purchasable audible tracks of Commentary!)

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$30 is a little steep for a t-shirt, but I'm so tempted.
Maybe they're like the DVD. The more people order, the lower the price will go...? (But I doubt it.)
How would you caption a Penny shirt? One of Hammer's horribly innapropriate comments about her? Err, maybe not. Or "Keep your head up" or "I don't discuss my process".

A Moist shirt would be really funny! It could have faux perspiration stains all over it!! "Nobody Likes To Be Moist" or "Life of Crime"

Myself, I'm holding out for a "Luscious Laminator" shirt. But only if it's $10.
Btw, when did the DVD go back to $14.99?
I'm torn. I'm willing (more or less) to pay $30 for a good t-shirt, but I hate wearing men's sizes. I am NOT straight up and down. :(
Yeah, cabri. Baby dolls all the way for me. But these are cool enough to maybe buy anyway.

[ edited by phlebotinin on 2009-01-14 02:31 ]
NotaViking, it went up today.
I would so buy a Team Horrible one of myself and a Team Hammer for my mom if they had baby doll tees. Hopefully some baby doll tees are in the 'more to come'.
I second the need for babydoll tees. I hope that's the next step.

And I'm glad I ordered the DVD last week before the price went up! Serenity on Blu-Ray is $19.99 on Amazon, btw.
I mistook tees for teas! LOL - I thought adagio had something new...
These shirts are cool and all, but they seriously need to sell licensed lab coats and goggles, etc. The costume company I work for got a gazillion searches for Dr. Horrible costumes last Halloween. A million gazillion, in fact.
Wow. All that goggle Googling is boggling.
and leads to bootlegging?
Still $13.51 at :)
Yes, it was a small merchandising company in the UK that got bought by a larger corp that is part of Universal Music Group. If you back out to their main page you can see all kinds of other clients.
They wouldn't even have to be babydolls for me, just a slightly more feminine cut would do fine.


Those t-shirts are just awesome.

Also not sure if anyone mentioned already in another thread, but the Dr. Horrible DVD is currently #1 on's best selling DVDs. Not a sub-catergory or anything, but out of all's DVDs.
I got my DVD today and after going through it all, I just love it even more, especially the music. Just the way it's composed, and the love that's put into it. It really rivals many musicals just in the talent involved, and the care. You can write a musical that is perfect in every verse and chorus, but if there's no heart and sweat that goes into it, and even a degree of sadness, you'll never achieve the perfection you need. I really think Dr. Horrible achieves this perfection, and it made musicals cool again. I mean, you can be a theater snob all you want, but this makes people want to sing, and what better way of doing that than to make an internet musical?
I also gotta it telling that when I'm singing "My Eyes" out loud, I have to pick either Neil's for Felicia's part, and so far I tend to sing Neil's part. I mean, is there really evil inside of me? I feel like as a girl I should naturally gravitate toward Felicia's part. But there's something that I just adore about Dr. H.
The DVD's down to $10.49 again on and in 4th on the bestsellers list.
Ninja - I'm with you on "My Eyes" - I tend to gravitate to Dr H. too (but then I also gravitate to Sweet's lines in "Walk Through the Fire" too...) Maybe I'm just a girl filled with evil (we'll ignore my screen name as a reinforcement of this theory).
"Moist" tee shirts would be fun to have, but hard to ship...

*mine is an evil laugh*
I'm down for Evil Softball. Only if I don't have to organize. I'm more of a support person.

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