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January 14 2009

Video interview with Fox's Kevin Reilly at TCA. Mediaweek has a video interview with Kevin Reilly from TCA where he talks about putting Dollhouse on Friday saying "we've put a lot of money into this Friday night between Sarah Connor and Dollhouse... so if for no other reason than that we're committed to it."

It makes sense for them to try and find a niche market on Friday nights. They don't want a whole night of the week where they just can't get anything to stick. I hope it does work though, it seems a bit experimental.
Are they still doing the "fewer adverts" thing? Because that's great for Fox and the US viewers but if a lesser satellite channel here eventually buys it they will cut it to fit their adverts. And watching edited Buffy was bad enough...

You know, in a months time we'll actually have to talk about the show itself, not the politics, the delays, the timeslot, the rumours etc.

It's been well over a year already, it will come as quite a shock...

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From the looks of it, this Kevin Reilly fella seems to be taking the right track. Good pairings of TV shows and getting rid of the shows that have grown stale (*coughprisonbreakcough*).
zz9 -- Yes, Dollhouse is still part of the "Remote Free TV" experiment (as is Fringe). Reilly has said that, while it's a tough sell for advertisers (since they're paying a premium price for it), the experiment has been somewhat of a success so far.
So is advertising all about Product Placement now? With the growing number of DVR commercial-skippers, PP ads can live on in any broadcast format, online and DVD. Do we really get less commercials with Remote Free TV?
I wouldn't be surprised to see product placement become more prevalent than it already is. But, I can't recall seeing much of it during Fringe. From what KR was saying, they seemed to be getting a good amount of people not bothering to FF over the 60/90 second commercial breaks. So it that sense, yes, we are getting less commercials with Remote Free TV.

What I'm waiting for is for someone to come up with ads that are viewable in FF, so that even if you do FF, you're still seeing an ad (albeit without sound). Of course, it'd need to make sense at regular speed as well (and with sound), but I don't doubt that it could be done.
JMaloney, I think the reason why fewer people fast forward through Fringe's commercials is that it's a pain in the butt to be precise for 30 seconds of commercials. I know I've tried, and I'm really good with the DVR fast forward action, but with Fringe, we just sit through them because 30 seconds generally means only one or two commercials.
b!X LOL! Thank you! I was gonna bring that up.

And my mom sent me this this morning:

While one show is planning to end, others are just beginning
at Fox.

Reilly defended giving Joss Whedon's highly anticipated
"Dollhouse," a sci-fi drama starring Eliza Dushku, a Friday
night slot, starting Feb. 13. Friday is a
less-than-desirable night, and often considered a dumping
ground. But Reilly said that that's not the case here.

"Joss does a certain kind of show and it's the kind of show
that has a core, passionate audience," said Reilly. "Other
scheduling scenarios were going to put a lot of pressure on
it that would in turn put pressure on Joss or worse, force
us to yank it from the schedule. We're going to let the show
play out for 13 episodes and hopefully it'll catch on."

Hopefully that's new for most folks - I haven't gone back over all the Dollhouse posts to see if that exact segment has been mentioned before, so feel free to edit if I'm repeating something.

Is it February yet?
One month! I'm almost as excited about not reading any more "reviews" as I am about the show itself. YAY!
Wow, remember when we were talking about Dr. Horrible being filmed and how we couldn't wait. Seems fast now.
it's a pain in the butt to be precise for 30 seconds of commercials

That's one of the best bits of Sky+, the FF and Play controls are instant, very easy to use. I have a Thompson DVR as well and the lag between pressing the button and anything happening is terrible!

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