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January 14 2009

Anthony De Longis talks about training and fighting with Christian Kane. He appears in this week's episode of Leverage, thanks to Christian. Where he and Kane have a excellent knife fighting scene.

Anthony is the one who taught Kane the sword fighting skills he used against Angel in Season 5.

That was a fun fight in last nights episode.
I'm enjoying the show. It's like Ocean's 11 meets the A-Team. I just love the good natured way they rip off the rich and powerful to help those who can't get justice any other way.
I love Leverage and have from the first episode. On another site I do more than frequent, we've discussed how the show is really a group of gamers with a different mission each time.

I consider it to be Mission:Impossible without all the gadgets and blowing briefing recording. The banter is one of the best things about the show like, from last night,: "I acted drunk and told them you were supposed to meet in there so we could have sex."
Christian Kane in a knife fight... Sigh.
TNT needs to marathon this show, ASAP.
Is there nowhere to watch back episodes online? I'd like to give it a try, but want to get caught up, and the TNT website seems decidedly unclear. has up some of the episodes.

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