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January 14 2009

Doctor Who opening credits - Firefly style. As recommended by SFX magazine. And if you're craving more Whedon/Davies mashups, then have a look at the sheer beauty of the British Dr. Horrible.

There's also Buffy-style and Angel-style Dr. Who credits. Bonus points to the Buffy one for including ASH from his Dr. Who appearance.
I saw the vids by "MonkeyWithJetpacks" the other day. The ones featuring John Simm's Master are the best. Inspired!
That was fun. But I'm quite happy with the opening credits as they are.
Awesome! :) I love DrWho.
Great work, though it's Simm, not Simms. Sorry, pet peeve. ;)
deepgirl - I know - you'll see it is Simm - possesive.
I think deepgirl187 means in the video itself (he's credited as 'John Simms').

Fun wee "bit", always nice when verses collide and a fellow fan loves two things enough to spend the time.

(course, in the really real world, you'd have to be insane to lose Ron Grainer's absolutely iconic theme tune... Theme tunes can be iconic, right ?)
The credits were fun little vids. I also liked the Dr. Whorrible mashups. Captain Jack was Captain Hammer in a few of them. Cute.
The MonkeyWithJetpacks ones are superb, thanks for that link. Hah.

And now I really wish there was an alternate universe where John Simm and David Tennant would sing the Billy/Penny parts of My Eyes, respectively. Just for me. I don't even know if either of them can sing. But I wants it...
Some of the alternate credits are pretty well done I reckon:

Doctor Who/Smallville (good attempt at matching scene for scene).

Doctor Who/Veronica Mars (even if it does use the remixed theme. Ptooey ;).

Doctor Who/Friends.

And though i'm not a fan of the show, Doctor Who/Charmed.
Not a fan of Charmed either, but having Doctor Who and How Soon Is Now? played together is goodness. Also liked the Veronica Mars one (am further reminded that I need to watch that show).

And I did mean the error in the vid itself; thanks for the clarification, Saje.
After that "What a Man's Gotta Do" video, I'm now having pleasant images of a show with both John Barrowman & Nathan Fillion... and well... I'll be in my bunk.
Oh wow, thanks for posting all these Doctor Who links guys, it's all entirely too amusing *l*.
Those are awesome. The Doctor Who/Veronica Mars theme is pretty brilliant, too. Thanks!
Thanks,guys, I was trying to go to bed early...
and now I have yet another way to waste time online!
There are awesome so it's totally worth it.
Am I the only one who wants to see Joss and Rusty work together?

Oh, BTW, I remember seeing some vids crossing Veronica Mars and OWMF, they were pretty awesome but they don't seem to be on youtube anymore. anyone saw them? who made them?

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nice, luvs me some doctor who. my bedroom door has a tardis doorposter on it ah such a geek
Oh, BTW, I remember seeing some vids crossing Veronica Mars and OWMF, they were pretty awesome but they don't seem to be on youtube anymore. anyone saw them? who made them?

Is this and this what you mean?

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What creative people there are! Love the Firefly/Dr Who one best. :)

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