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January 14 2009

Angel: Cover Gallery Volume One is out today. Don't miss this!

Also out is Locke and Key: Head Games #1, which features art from Angel: Aftermath cover artist, Gabriel Rodriguez.

I have mine.

I always love cover gallerys since some of the most unique and best art is sometimes the covers.It looks like there willl be a Volume two since this cover gallery is for the first part of Angel:After the Fall(issues 1-5) and all four issues of Spike:After The Fall.

It has a lot of neat stuff including the special wedding cover sketch done for Brian Lynch's wedding.It also includes the varients from the Buffy Collector's club.It also has some of the photo covers like the second printing for Angel:ATF #2.There is even a never printed image from Tony Harris for I assume Angel:ATF #2.It looks like a varient of the cover that was printed.

It's a great bargin.You get basically all the covers for issue 1-5 and Spike:ATF without having to hunt down each individule issue just to get the varient covers.

I usually pick the cover I like best when I buy the issue.Sometimes if I love both covers or both really catches my fancy,I'll pick up both.But usually I only buy one and I never buy the real limited covers that are store exclusives or special deals.It gets too pricey.So the cover gallery release is a good way to have your cake and eat it too.An easy way to get all the covers.Hopfully volumes for the rest of ATF will be released.Maybe volume Two will be for issues 6-10 and volume Three will be for issues 11-17?
I don't know, but I'm guessing the second volume would be more than just 6-10. If this was all the covers for nine issues altogether, I assume the next one might tackle a lot more than just five.
It doesn't sound like it's any different from what's in the back of the TPB... if it doesn't contain anything extra I won't pick it up, although I am a great fan of covers, I love them all.
Glossy cover, awesome presentation, the B&W version of the #5 cover, and the pencils that Tony Harris used to paint his cover to #2, which are exclusive to this collection.
I can't wait to pick this up (along with the new Locke & Key). Sadly I am busy this week and can't make it to the shop, so I hope Angel #16 comes out next week so I can pick them all up together.
I'm glad the comic shop is on the way home from my college. I picked up the Cover Gallery today, but have to go back tomorrow t get the new Locke & Key. I just finished the first hardcover in one sitting today and am yearning for more.

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