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January 14 2009

Whedonesque named one of 30 essential Twitter feeds for TV fans. Let the self-ref-fest begin.

It's at if you didn't know.

I didn't know! Texting bill, I will make you bigger than ever before.

If I wasn't constantly checking both Google Reader and the actual site, the Twitter feed would be my best friend ever. In fact, I still love it, since it doesn't include deleted posts.

Though I find that if I rely too much on Twitter or Reader, I don't get involved in the comments, which is half the fun anyway.
If you're into fandom in a big way, we also have a LJ syndicated feed as well.

Twitter is nice but it is crippling for meaningful indepth discusssion.
Hmmm, The Pirate Bay? Really?     :-/
Yay. I like the random polls when things are slow.

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