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January 14 2009

(SPOILER) First look at Angel: After The Fall #16. There's a five page preview of the penultimate chapter and another opportunity to look at that gorgeous cover art. ETA: The preview pages have been pulled. According to Brian Lynch, "They were never supposed to go up."

Oh that all looks simply wonderful! I can't wait to get hold of my copy. :0
And the plot thicken again... I am looking forward to know what Wesley and Angel have in mind, and Spike trusting Angel was a nice touch too.
What a fantastic start! I just love how it feels as if, were this on TV, the music would be building towards a big moment.
Holy cats, this looks good. Talk about epic.
These first five pages, artwork and dialogue look pretty awesome. I've got a feeling the rest of it will be as well.
Uh-oh. Sounds like Wes and Angel are saying their final goodbyes. Can't wait to see how this plays out, and just what their plan is.
You know, nobody ever answered Cordy's question. What *is* a rogue demon?

Seriously, this looks exquisite. And I actually think I get what they're up to... at least a couple different possibilities. If any of them are right, it'd be awesome on the scale of how good "KnightsEnd" finished in the Batman comics.
Yeah,it does sound like Angel and Wes said their final goodbyes.Why do the preview pages always end when the plot thickens?lol

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Agree that it looks wonderful -- the writing, the art, even the colouring, all of it. I just hope this talk of timelines doesn't point to the Reset Button.
I don't know about a reset, but I've wondered for a while if everybody's going to pop out of this in LA basically the same night they went in. Like in "Anne". And I think I get what Angel wants to do -- take advantage of what they set up earlier about W&H not having the resources to keep doing that by making them... keep doing that. And undoubtedly eventually they reach back and bring him back as a vampire with a soul.
Resets here, resets there (there being S-8); I really hope Joss doesn't end up turning the Buffyverse back into a place I like for itself (as opposed to just setting for stories that are interesting enough) or else I'd have to eat lot of things I've said about him these last few years and I have little interest in doing that.
There's been no reset in Season 8.
These opening pages are summing up why I've loved this book. The dialogue is actually making me shiver. It's going to be a cool finish (can we say epic?).
I got teary-eyed just reading these few pages! Can't wait for the rest.
resets there (there being S-8)

Yeah, DaddyCatALSO. There's been no re-set in Season 8.

Well Willow is no longer a killer, would that count as a reset?
Nah, Joss later appended that Warren was dead "for like a second, OK?"
But surely Willow still killed Rack, Simon, so I guess she is still a killer anyway.
Did he mean retcon, not reset? Well yeah, that's obviously in Season 8. But not so much in AtF. So the comparison doesn't really jive.
KingofCretins Emmie ; Right there hasn't been . . . yet. Who knows what's being planned,given the hints dropped?

It's just I've spent so much emotional energy the past 7 years being in a perpetual state of miffed with Joss that I'll be really angry if I have to start liking him again.

Regardless, the developments in this issue look very interesting; we are really exploring what is possible in this universe of his in a way he wasn't able to before.
Whereas most people in the forums I frequent are miffed *about* the possibility of a reset, to the point that there have been threads started about it.
I'd rate the chance for a serious continuity reset in the Buffyverse, in either title, at basically zero. Nor do I see what hints people are worried about. This preview doesn't provide me with any such tease -- the reset plan is the one that just went tits up with Gunn's plan for Illyria. What this teases me with is some general version of Angel letting Gunn kill him repeatedly while the others hold the army out of it, forcing W&H to eat itself up going back into Angel's timeline to bring him back again and again until everything they're putting into this falls apart. Probably in the process they are reduced to bringing him back as a vampire with a soul instead of a man, which pretty much sucks as far as my preference goes, but at least it's a plausible way to restore him to the more fan-safe version of himself. But whether they do or don't, that's what I figure is the biggest part of how they win. But I don't see any of it having to do with resetting the continuity -- Gunn as human, Connor back, etc.
Man that opening page just killed me! This looks really good. I think I can guess what the plan is - but we'll see.
There was no preview when I went. I am very sad.
Hmm...well, whichever way it ends up going, those preview pages look a damn sight more interesting and exciting than S8 is at the moment.

Looking forward to the issue's release.
Your right Puppetdog- they have taken it down - that is very very strange...
Why did they post it only to take it down, one wonders.
They were never supposed to go up. As it's the big action packed climax, the intention was to let it play out in the book. But someone didn't the get the memo. Fudge.

I'm super glad you guys dig it though. My favorite issue, with easily my favorite scene later.
I think it probably revealed more of the plot than they meant to. I mean, I can't be the only one whose theory is pretty close to mine, and whether its right or its wrong, you don't want everyone to think they know what's going to happen.
So the people who saw it got an extra lucky sneak peek huh? Nice one:)

Well Brian 5 pages in and the tension is unreal already - cant wait to see the remaining 17 pages!
I can't tell you how much I love one scene. It's towards the end, and it made really proud.

The whole issue came out really well, I think. And the five pages are still on the internet, people are posting them all about, sadly. Ah well, they're excited, and that's pretty wonderful.
Well take it as a compliment that you wrote something people are so passionate about that they would bother to go to the trouble of posting it on the net so there fellow Angel-friends can see it:)
It must be the day for mistakes.

Someone at TNT fudged the preview for next week's Leverage. Instead of uploading "The Mile High Job", they put "The Snow Job" up.

I did have *just* enough time to watch the preview once before they took it down, and now I can't wait to see Sam Anderson again.
I take that as a big compliment. 16 issues in and people are still excited, that is wonderful.
I can't believe you guys aren't mentioning how cool the covers are.

good covers and judging from the preview, good issue too. This could well be the best issue of AtF
Ya the covers are great. I was deadset on getting the Garner - but wasnt prepared for how great the Urru would be!
Ah, no fair! Everyone's spoiled except for me (& PuppetDoug). I guess I'll have to be patient. :(
I think with us now reaching the climax,the excitement level is just ratched up even more.

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Well that's a unique first, never had preview art been pulled before. I will say that it cool to have some official teaser trailer (for want of a better word) for the final issue.
Brian, if you didn't intend for them to go up, might wanna take them down in a more "actually taken down" fashion, rather than just pull the links.
I can't recall -- didn't Whedon say there would be another season after "After the Fall"?
"Aftermath" comes after "After the Fall," tharpdevenport. Though neither of them are considered seasons, they're just a continuing story.
The next writer has some seriously big shoes to fill. Angel After the Fall has been amazing.

I never stopped loving Joss but I think a reset is highly possible. Wouldn't hate the idea but I do wonder, reset to when?
They're *the* continuing story, even.

I don't see any chance of a reset. I don't see where a reset is teased by what is/was in the preview. Joss has never done a continuity reset; the Buffyverse has never grown so complicated as to need one. Nothing here is screaming "Crisis on Infinite Earths".

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