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January 14 2009

"It has a kind of reverential quality". Harry Lennix, who stars as Echo's handler in Dollhouse, talks about the show's set and how it is, or is not, like a church.

I think that I very much would like to see/hear more of him discussing the show.
"When I go into it every time I'm actually filled with awe. It has a kind of reverential quality."

Heck's yeah!
"...while it is not a church, the questions that are dealt with are equally humanistic..."

Yeah, that sounds like Joss. :) *starts bouncing in anticipation*
Yep, it's a story by Joss with all the layers you can see into all rolled up in a package. Realizing the package is the deal.

Gosh, do you all realize how long it has been since we had a open discussion on a show? Eck! Can't wait, dancing on pins and needles....
Most thoughtful.
I didn't think my excitement for new Joss on TV could increase. But it does, every day.
Almost to bursting seams with my excitement! And I've just added Harry Lennix to my "one cool cat" list. I do hope to hear from him more often (along with the other players of Dollhouse).
"There is a kind of quest for what is ultimately human, what actually is it to grapple with these questions -- when do you actually have free will? When do you actually get to make the decision of what is right and wrong, and are those ever objective, universal truths?"

The things that make our Joss Whedon a great writer. Still there.

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