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August 12 2003

The Wesley Unification Theory. Mr Wyndham-Pryce's character dissected.

It's different, I liked it. Not agreeing that Wes is a sociopath but most of the analysis rings true. And is it Pryce or Price btw?

Having dated a genius level high functioning narcissistic sociopath, I totally disagree that Wesley is narcissistic or sociopathic. He's got problems with self loathing, no doubt, but he does not have a personality disorder.

But ya gotta give props to the person that came up with all that, very well done.
I don't understand why he is a sociopath either. Why would he be concerned with the idea of "good" (as repeated several times in the text) if he is one?
Wow. Somebody really doesn't like Wesley.
Wesley's rather self-possessed, but I also would disagree with sociopathy as a diagnosis for him. It wouldn't take much to send him over the edge perhaps, but then again he's had more than enough incentive to be sent over the edge and he has yet to go, so maybe he's more centered than critics like this give him credit.

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