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January 15 2009

New SFX Five Star Special. SFX Magazine's Five Star special features everyone's favorite slayer.

"We’ve delved into 14 years of SFX review archives to bring you the best reviews of the best films and TV shows we’ve ever published".

Sounds good. But I'm still annoyed that, try as I might, I can't find a copy of the SFX issue for this month that features Eliza on the cover and (I've heard tell) lots of Jossian "Dollhouse" goodness inside. Damn it. I'm in the U.S. Evidently my local newstands and Borders/Barnes & Noble do not see fit to stock SFX, although they manage to stock a lot of other, much crappier, foreign magazines.
Does SciFi Now make its way to the States? The latest issue has a substantial interview with Eliza as well. And a bit on why the Faith spinoff never took off (basically they hadn't got past the initial 'Faith on a motorbike' stage).
basically they hadn't got past the initial 'Faith on a motorbike' stage

At least Echo gets to ride one.
Sadly, I've never seen SciFi Now in the States, Simon. That sounds an issue not to miss. Alas.
Well they will ship the issue (23) to the States.
Looks very interesting...I need to have it shipped too!!

Did you ask a salesperson to look up if they get the magazines or not? I've pretty sure I've gotten SFX and Sci-Fi Now at Barnes and Noble and/or Borders before. But it has been a while. Sometimes you have to move the magazines around to find them. Also whenever I've wanted an issue, it turns up like a month later here.

Hmmm, Books-A-Million online doesn't carry them either. Barnes and Noble online either.
Hmm, I'm lucky, my local library subscribes to SFX so I can just go and sit there and read it. The issue with Eliza on the cover didn't have that much new stuff about Dollhouse, a really small interview with Eliza, some set picture, a bit about the cast and a short interview/article with Joss. Look forward to this issue anyway, it's always a good read.

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