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January 15 2009

'Possession' possibly straight to DVD. The movie starring Sarah Michelle Gellar will not be released in January 2009, like previously stated.

According to Whitney Rosenthal, director of interactive marketing: "Possession will not be released in January 2009, like previously stated. Due to financial difficulty, the film will be released later this year, sometime possibly in late February or March 2009."

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Dammit, who does she have to sleep with or kill or get Congress to bail out to get a damn theatrical release?

It's very frustrating she can't be more visible. A lot of her movies don't sound all that interesting to me, but the more she's seen in movies with her talent, the more likely we are to start seeing her with parts in the big summer movies (better than either Rachel Dawes, for instance) or in the Oscar type movies (Rachel Gets Married? -- I love Anne Hathaway, but that seems like something Sarah could have rocked).

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With Joss Whedon. Her career is in need of a Buffy movie.

Sorry about that zeitgeist, thanks for correcting me.
When it was announced at the end of last year that Yari Film Group had filed for bankruptcy I wondered if that meant ‘Possession’ would not be released at all – in any format. Therefore, the possibility of a DVD release seems like good news.
Ah crap.

Alright, here's me back to hoping that Veronika Decides to Die does really well.
Agreed. Buffy showed that the girl can do anything. She should get a chance to.
I think if SMG gets the chance to play Buffy again she should jump on it like a... um... person would jump on a thing they really need.
Aww that's unfortunate. A thousand times "Yes!" to a Buffy movie. Joss, please...
[I'm looking forward to Veronika, though]

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The whole "straight to DVD" aspect of the piece is questionable as someone mentions in the articles feedback . This movie has been delayed so often that many of the trailers on Fox DVD's (which handles Yari releases) have been mentioning this as "coming soon" for almost a year. Nothing really new here.

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Her career is not in a good place, she needs a Buffy movie pretty bad. C'mon Joss jump on the situation!
I think SMG's career is fine. She is always working and she gets paid. As long as she isn't financing or producing these movies that have distribution and release issues, I can't really see how that is affecting her career.

Not sure SMG will ever be a breakout movie star like a Anne Hathaway and we don't even know if that is what she would want.
SMG is developing a TV series for one of the cable networks at the moment, I seem to recall. She's doing fine.
Her career isn't in a bad place, but it's not in the A-list, red carpet, Oscar-buzz and/or $100 million grossing movie place it should be. That's what drives me nuts. It's not her fault, she's A) challenging herself, B) satisfying herself, but it's like she can't catch a break when it's time to distribute one of these movies.
That's good news gossi. I really wish she would do some guest appearances on TV.

She has been working steady, but it would be great to see her on TV again. I think that medium has a lot to offer her, and we all know how great she can be in a series.
I think the film biz is a crap-shoot for actors at the best of times. So many things go into making a film work (or, more usually, fail to work) that are utterly beyond an actor's control. SMG has made, I think, a lot of choices that looked perfectly sensible on paper, but haven't ended up working out as one would wish.

That said, I suspect that casting agents have an unduly limited sense of what she is capable of doing. I wonder if it wouldn't be worth her while offering to work for scale in some smaller roles in more off-beat indie projects as a way of breaking out of the molds she's been placed in (light romantic--which doesn't, I think, play to her strengths; and horror--which she does well, but which rarely gives her a chance to hit more than a couple of notes).

I have to say, though, that I suspect she's a better TV actress than she is a film actress (though I would not be surprised if she proved me wrong). So much of what she did brilliantly on Buffy involved the most minute use of inflection, or the registering of complex layers of emotion in facial expression. Those are skills that the close-up, intimate world of TV loves, but which can get lost on the big screen.
I get the feeling that she's already been on the "A-list, red carpet, $100 million grossing" side of things, what with films like Scooby-Doo and The Grudge. Perhaps she's done with all that for a while and finds it more challenging/rewarding to do these smaller, more intimate indie-type pictures at the moment. It's the subtle but important difference between being a movie star and being an actress. Perhaps that's what this new TV project is all about as well.

Actually, I'd like to see her work with folks like David Mamet, Mars Callahan or John Hughes (if the man would ever come out of retirement). These are folks who care very much about the written word and who like to rely on the presence and range of their actors, as opposed to high-concept story ideas or complex special effects.
The same person who provided us with the statement from Whitney Rosenthal also provided this news

Possession, will not come straight to DVD, I spoke to Yari and Spitfire Pictures, they both stated that it will be released in theaters

Incidentally both postings first appeared in IMDB postings so should be taken with a grain of salt
Heh, more like one of those big blocks of salt they give to horses... but not Bad Horses. No salt for them! :)
If Bad Horses want salt they take it!
Sarah can waltz around in all these bad movies I have absolutely no desire to see whatsoever, but she can't do a Buffy movie? I mean, a GOOD Buffy movie, written, directed and lovingly crafted into existence by the master himself?

This is a strange universe we live in. Good things are denied us so often.

Oh well. At least there's Dollhouse coming up.
Who said that SMG can't do a Buffy movie?
Of course, SMG cannot do a Buffy movie. Because she cannot do something that does not exist in any form. Unless you count wish-verses. But then you can solve the problem by simply wishing her to do it.

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