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January 15 2009

Joss Whedon and Dollhouse cast to appear at New York Comic Con. It's perfect timing as the con runs the weekend before Dollhouse premieres. And according to the official website, the panel will be on the Sunday and those who attend will see the first act of the premiere and get a mini-poster as well.

Hopefully the exact time and date of the Dollhouse panel will be coming shortly.

Also Seth Green and Brian Thompson are going to be at the event.
"Joss Whedon is a mammoth guest that I'm looking forward to hearing from.."

Hee. First giggle of the day. I heard it in a kindof MST3K "I'm HUGE" way.

I'm glad - what a great targeted venue for Dollhouse promotion, but an equally good way for Dollhouse creators & cast to get a big dose of the love so close to the first broadcast. I'm thinking they could use it right about then.

I hope to hear from some of our N.Y. fans who may be attending...
I wonder if they'll screen Dollhouse early to attendees. Seems like a good idea.
Yeah I was looking for that. No screenings are on the website yet. Dollhouse is not mentioned in a panel yet either. It says they'll announce screenings closer to the meeting date.
Amber Benson is supposed to be there as well.
The list of official panels is HUGE! ...and directly proportional to the number of paper towel rolls I now need for my lake of drool.

Sadly, it will all be happening without me.

"An exclusive sneak peek at the first act of Joss Whedon's highly-anticipated premiere episode of Dollhouse scheduled to launch on Friday, February 13th on FOX. Dollhouse stars Eliza Dushku, Tahmoh Penikett, Fran Kranz, Dichen Lachman, Enver Gjokaj, Harry Lennix, and Olivia Williams. Mini posters will be distributed to all in attendance!

Sunday (2/8) 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM, IGN Theater"

So, looks like they'll be screening at least a piece of Dollhouse.

I'm so acquisitive - I haven't even seen one yet, and already inside I'm all, "I want a mini poster! I must have a mini poster. Where's my mini poster?!!"

Rats, wish I could go. :-( Joss at an East Coast con, and I don't have the time to plan to attend. Come to Dragon*Con this year, Joss! Please?
Oh I'm jealous! Can't they come to The San Francisco Wonder Con too??? Because that would be awesome.
I'm a little torn (apologies to those who'd love to go...!). I'm an hour's train ride out of New York and it's not expensive to just go on Sunday, but I'd have to cancel some lessons (which would make it more expensive) and I have this vague feeling based on nothing that I don't enjoy this kind of thing. Really, I'd mainly go for bragging rights on whedonesque! ;-). And to get Quotergal a poster.
I wish I could go. But I'm busted broke.
You know, I've met a lot of people that have "vague feelings based on nothing" that they wouldn't like conventions. But it is exactly as you say, based on nothing. There is this negative stereotype with conventions, associating it with only creepy fanboys that are overly obsessed, and not something 'normal' people would want to go to. This is very far from the truth (although there is always that small percentage...) A lot of these people would probably love conventions if they gave them a chance.

Personally, conventions are one of my favorite activities. A little vacation from the world, hanging out with tons of people who, as a nice change, share a lot of my interests and are generally intelligent, witty, and insightful. (Not unlike Whedonesquers). That they have actors and other guests come and speak is merely a bonus.

That said, I've never been to that particular con, so I cannot speak as to its merits.
Gaaaahhhhhhhh! And it's such a short-ish bus ride for me too. But can't afford admission or accomodations. And here I thought I was only missing Amber.
I'll be there! It's a two hour bus ride each way so I'll go up and back in one day.
Nathan Fillion may be there too though I've seen nothing confirmed. There's a Wonder Woman panel with the writer? and cast.
Catherine, I find these conventions exhausting because I'm not comfortable in big crowds, but there is a fun carnival atmosphere all centered around comics, gaming, and sci-fi/fantasy. You can see Joss in a huge crowded hall with thousands of people, and you can see your favorite comic book writers & artists in a small room with just a couple of dozen fans. You can buy all the latest action figures, and you can find a bootlegged copy of 'Max Headroom'. I like to go when I can because it is all fun and totally worth it. JMPO of course.
catherine, I went last year to San Diego's Comic-Con and it was a BLAST! Yes, there was lots of people, but the fun had there squashes out any anxiety I felt weaving though the crowds. And seeing the guests are just a treat!- both in the Halls & for the random encounters. I highly recommend it.

And I am miffed(!) that the promo posters are being handed out in NY. I want one! Sounds like so much fun! Will we get videos from those who attend?? Need juicy details!
catherine: "Really, I'd mainly go for bragging rights on whedonesque! ;-). And to get Quotergal a poster."

Hee. Well, in that case, my totally unbiased opinion is that you really must go, and that you would totally enjoy it. Really!!!

Seriousfully? I went to my first ComicCon last year in San Diego - at age 52. I hadn't been to a full-on convention since a bookseller's thing in '92. (I went to a few panels at WorldCon in '06, but we were in and out in just a few hours.)

I did have a great time at ComicCon - which had a lot to do with the awesome company I kept, as well as getting (pushing) into all of the Joss-related & MST3K panels that drew me there.

I'm glad I went, but don't think I can say unreservedly I'd recommend it, being neither a fan of large crowds, nor hotels nor dressing up nor shopping - other than book shopping, which is a whole 'nother thing for me - so I think mebbe I'm gonna call it my first and last ComicCon. (Keep in mind that I don't ever want to go to Las Vegas - my idea of hell on this earth - and my perfect holiday is one spent in a cabin by the water somewhere, picnicking and reading in the woods after a hike with my partner...)

All that aside, it was fairly funsome to be sitting in a hall with my Goners/WHEDONesque/BC friends and watch Joss and all of the Doc Horrible folk come out on stage and get cheered in what I can only call a deafening roar of approbation.

Oh, crap. I do kinda wanta go again.

So, anyway, Catherine, I hope this was helpful. I think you shouldn't should shouldn't should go, making sure you take a mini cardboard tube just in case you need it for wrapping anything up that you may happen to find. It's also a really handy thing to use for shipping.
Oh, crap. I do kinda wanta go again.

Well I'd like someone to go cause that means I can post a thread about it on the day and we can read accounts from fellow posters.
My god. This is *well* within my power to go. It'd be easy-peasy. But I simply don't have that time to spare on that weekend. Why? Why? WhyOhwhy? Why not in late March and any time beyond that? Why are the Fates doing me like this?
Hopefully I'll be going. Trying to convince the hubby he wants to hop on a bus and then be around thousands of screaming fans. :) If I go, I'll be twittering like crazy.
I'm going. I'll be there all weekend.
God, I'd love to go, I'm less than an hour away by train. But my money situation is less than good. Gah, the pain!
What are the chances Dollhouse and/or Fringe would be moved to Saturday? I feel like at this point, it's pretty set on its day, and if there were scheduling conflicts it would be moved to a different time on Sunday, but not be moved to an entirely different day... I want to figure this out because on the NYCC website it encourages you to buy tickets before Friday to not have to print off an email confirmation for will call tickets for the day of, which makes sense to me. But I don't want to plan so far ahead if there's a big possibility Dollhouse will get moved to Saturday. I can spend the $30 for Sunday's panels, but I really can't do a whole weekend cause then I'll need a hotel.
Poo, I just bought Comic Con tickets for July and talked all of my friends into a birthday trip to Europe...doubtful I can make this work too.
It's a little scary how all my vacations seem to involve Joss or Ewan McGregor.
Well, just think: Comic-Con is where they'll get to tease us with information about the second season of the then renewed Dollhouse. ;)

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Hand me a paper bag. God am I mad at myself for not getting tickets.
Thank you for the totally unconflicted advice Quotergal and others! I'm pondering it.

On the con (ha) side, I don't like crowds, and much as I love Joss's shows, I don't feel any particular excitement at the idea of seeing him in the flesh in a crowded room. Also I'm almost positive I couldn't convince my husband to go, as he has a Big Thing the following week. Not that I need him to go everywhere with me, but he is much better at maneuvering crowds than I am and has a way of making not-so-fun things seem so-much-fun.

On the pro side, it IS only 30 bucks to go on Sunday, right? And so if I suddenly got crowd-phobic I could bail and go find a yummy restaurant or something. And it would be lovely to meet fellow whedonesquers who might be going.

Ponder ponder.

I'd offer our semi-sleepable-on-sofa for those traveling, but our place is teeny tiny and my husband has this Big Thing to prepare for over the weekend, so probably wouldn't be glad of guests. I hope all those who really really DO want to go can make it.
Can I ask a question to someone who has gone to this or other like events? Is this something I'll need to wait on line for and possibly not be able to attend if too many tickets are sold? I wouldn't mind seeing the Dollhouse panel, but if it's something I need to be on line for 3 hours beforehand, think I'll skip it.
I can't wait for this. My friends and I bought tickets for the Con months ago, and I just finished hammering out my travel plans earlier today, and now I just have to wait for the day! :)
I was hoping so hard that there'd be a DOLLHOUSE panel or a Buffy panel, in hopes to see Joss, and now my wishes have come true! I can't recall a time I've been so excited! I'll be blogging like hell about the panel after I see it. Sweet shiny sneakers I'm excited!
What I don't understand is how they could have the dollhouse panel at the same time as the Amber Benson Autograph signing! Don't they realize that it is essentially the same fanbase!!!! I am attending and now I am crying that I can't do both! on top of that, the seth green signing is in the VIP lounge!!! The show producers are trying to kill me!!!!
I'm going to try to buy tickets tomorrow and make travel arrangements if I can...but I reiterate the issue I have originally, which is: What are the chances they'll change the panels and move them to Friday or Saturday? It would suck awfully if that were to happen. I dare say I might cry like Captain Hammer in Act III.
I doubt the day for the Dollhouse panel will change. NYCC has been saying for weeks that they have been waiting for confirmations before announcing the TV and Movie panel details, presumably since those guys had limited windows to squeeze the appearances in. I can see a time change during the day (especially since Dollhouse's slot overlaps with the Fringe and Watchmen panels), but I would expect Sunday to be a lock.

I've had my weekend ticket in hand for many weeks, but had been leaning towards just attending on Friday and Saturday. Looks like that plan is blown to the four winds. The city will get me for three days whether it wants me or not.

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I'm so pleased that something like this is happening on the East Coast. I'm nowhere near close enough but it is good that people have a chance to see Joss et al. I look forward to the reports.
It's amusing, in a slightly morbid way, to see the agony that some of us are experiencing trying to reconcile our I'm-a-busy-stressed-out-New-Yorker-cliché with our OMG-squee-how-can-I-live-with-myself-if-I-miss-it-fan-cliché. Of course, it's far less amusing now than it would have been a few short months ago, because now I'm one of the people in this situation. ("One of us, one of us....")

I've never been to a con of any kind, despite being a geek living in NYC: I really, really dislike crowds. And I'd just finished talking myself out of going to this one, too, because I couldn't justify going just for a Charlie Huston signing. But now? As a recent convert who hasn't even emerged from the "quoting random lines from Buffy in totally inappropriate contexts" phase yet? The OMG WANT, it burns us.

Was this mentioned in the fandom starter kit? Grr, argh, indeed.

(P.S. It is just a phase, right? Right?)
I don't much like crowds either...but crowds like Black Friday rioting, not like con crowds which are really calm and happy (from what I've seen). I've never been to a con either, but I've been to several CSTS screenings (nowhere near the same amount of people, but still several hundred really rowdy fans) and in my experience, Whedonesquers are among the kindest people I've ever encountered. I think people of other fandoms are probably nice as well, but I'm more trusting of Whedonesquers.

I avoid anime fans at all costs. Nothing against the people themselves, it's just that I'm not a fan.
catherine, you must go out of duty, as our poet in residence. You brought it on yourself. No whining.
And bring a video camera!
catherine, Sundays are not as hectic if you avoid the exhibit floor. At SDCC last year, seemed like most of the not-Joss-Whedon-fans were out on the floor searching for that last bit of con swag rather than attending the panels. Lots of people leave earlyish Sunday because they have to be out of their hotels.

I would recommend, however, while standing in line for the Joss panel, that you each trade off going for a peek at the exhibits. Plus, they have publishers there. Real book publishers, not just comics publishers. With free books.
I was reading the panel info on the NYCC website and though it mentions Eliza and other members of the cast, it does not mention Joss being there. So what gives? Do we have confirmation Joss will be there, and from a source that isn't newsarama? In the interview, the director says he's looking forward to hearing from Joss, but then the writer spins it to mean Joss will be at NYCC.

So seriously, until the NYCC says Joss is going to be there, I wouldn't put all the eggs in the basket.
Um, the Newsarama interview isn't writer spin:
NRAMA: Any additional new guests you can privilege Newsarama readers with being the first to hear about?

LF: Depending on when you publish this, I've already mentioned Joss Whedon for the first time. You want more than that! Joss and members of the cast of Dollhouse will be on hand, and you heard it here first!

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I'm finally going to be able to go to see a Joss Whedon panel! Oh my heart be so very still....
Wow, didn't expect to go down, but just got news that I'm probably going to make it. Went in 2007 and hated mostly everything about it, except meeting Buffyverse alums...but for Dollhouse, Joss and cast I'm SO willing to suffer again.
But it's not on the official website. My point is, there's also:

Joss Whedon is a mammoth guest that I'm looking forward to hearing from.

Which, I guess I interpreted "hearing from" as "hearing back from" so maybe I'm wrong, but it isn't on the NYCC website, and that just makes me wonder. I mean, he seems to confirm it, but it just made me wonder. It's not going to be a tiny amount to get up to NY for me, and I wanted to confirm. I thought if they were going to roll out all the details regarding Dollhouse, they'd take the time to at least PUT Joss' name on the guest list.

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My point is that the source isn't Newsarama, the source is the con's director, as quoted by Newsarama.

I mean, what part of the con's director saying "Joss and members of the cast of Dollhouse will be on hand, and you heard it here first!" is not clear or official?
As a recent convert who hasn't even emerged from the "quoting random lines from Buffy in totally inappropriate contexts" phase yet?

Was I supposed to grow out of that?

All you folk who will be twittering & blogging, don't forget to link to yourselves in the discussion thread!
I live 6-7 miles from where the event and have never been to a con before. Also, I haven't heard of Joss being in NYC before so it driving me nuts that I can't attend. Not even on Sunday. I have two elderly parents to care for and can't leave them alone nor can I get our nurse on a weekend (generally.) Besides, I don't have a ticket.

/sad rant over

Grrr. Aaargh.
If last year's Venture Bros. panel is any indication, this will be crowded as all hell.
Crowds be damned, I still can't wait.

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