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January 15 2009

Dark Horse Buffy Zone Update. We'll be getting another MDHP tie-in for the next issue.

Strange "DVR viewing"-comment about Dollhouse. Taps right into the picnic some people have about the Friday-slot.

(Not that DVR won't be an important part of the numbers Dollhouse will achieve. But to suggest it would be the primary one is a little odd.)
I actually read 'DVR viewing' and 'reviewing of episodes of Dollhouse' as separate things. But upon further reflection, they probably are together, in which case I think the DVR viewing is to facilitate the reviewing, not necessarily the primary way the episodes are being viewed.

I like how he started off saying the next few issues are an arc, then continued to say they are all stand-alone issues. I'm sure that he means there is an overall arc the stories are contributing to, but that each issue is an individual, self-contained story. But it still looks like a blatant contradiction the way he wrote it. Makes me giggle.
is anyone else a little weirded out and yet sadistically satisfied by the serendipity that Season 8's big bad is Twilight, accompanied by the overwhelming popularity of vampires? Can anyone sing "Burning down the Hot Topic" with me?
Spoiler tag, please
Does anyone know if the continuation of Harmony's story in the other Dark Horse books are previously/no-where-else-seen tales with actual Chen and Jeanty art? Would it be possible to see those pages linked here if someone gets their hands on them, or would I have to check those issues out at the shop once this snow drift between my door and the driveway melts? I know we frown upon linked scans, but that sounds great that there's more out there. I hope these as well as the MDHP strips will be in the tbp for this "arc" of stand-alones.
CaptainB - The feature in the back of the other Dark Horse books is a two-page magazine-style spread expanding on the theme of George Jeanty's alternate cover (which is used as the back cover). It has a few short, fun articles, though I wouldn't call it an essential read. I think all the artwork has been used previously.

Unfortunately, I doubt that the Buffy-related MDHP stories will be collected in the Season Eight TPBs (though I certainly hope I'm wrong), but I am assuming that they'll be collected in the MDHP TPBs.
3. trunktheslayer: Can you give us any insight into the other hinted-at promotions for the current arc? And, in connection and more importantly, will said promos (like the MDHP "Harmony Bites" special) be collected in the trade paperback for the arc?

Scott Allie: There's the MDHP thing, Harmony's got a blog on, and check out the back cover of other DH books this month. And yes, Harmony Bites will be in the Predators and Prey collection.

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