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January 15 2009

(SPOILER) Stuff We Like interview with Amy Acker - part 2. "This time we talk about her career after her breakout role as Fred in Angel all the way to Dollhouse."

Good find, I was wondering when this would appear. BTW I put in that quote so people would know why there was a spoiler tag.
She might have to fight Felicia for that craft service job, though.
Thanks, Simon. Still new at this. :)
Someone should ask Buffyverse actors if Alexis Denisof deserves to be on television as a regular again, heh. Or an appearance on Dollhouse.
Yesterday I got to do them with stitches all over them so that was really neat looking.

Oo this suggests a flashback scene in the doctor's history.
"Nathan Fillion is about the coolest guy there is so any show with him in it, I donít know how it could not be a success."

Good one, Amy. Glad to hear she's a major presence in Dollhouse. I wasn't expecting that much.
Good ol' Scarface.

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That was definitely a cool find. But with Boyd & Saunders being protective of Dolls from the "not so nice" people... then who's the bad guy? Or, is their intentions not really that "good"?

I am excited that we'll be seeing more of her. I thought it would only be a flicker of her. I can't wait to see how this unfolds!
I love that one of the related links at the bottom of this interview is a mediageek article that (spoiler) Amy will be on the third season of Angel! I can't wait!
Hee-hee, she's lovely.

Okay, so her real-life husband had a genre role as "Bobby Saint." Well, then in the spirit of Willsley, Tarren, Groomony, Crypla, and Fruffy, I guess we could call them "Frebby."
ak24,I was thinking the same thing! How come it seems none of his co-workers in the Buffyverse (not even his wife Alyson), or the press, seems to not care about whether Alexis Denisof works anymore or not, since Angel was canceled. I wish someone in the press would ask Alexis why, so we fans can get the truth why he is not working much anymore.
Maybe they don't mention it because they have the idea that, as actors, the power structure looks down on that kind of public politiciking to the audience and that it might hurt Alexis more than it helps, and maybe them as well and to no real prupose since it didn't help him. Maybe, I don't know much about "The Biz."

I do know that Dave Thomas, who won an Emmy for writing when he was on SCTV in the early-ish 80s, later was working as an actor on Grace Under Fire, made soem suggesations, and the writers practically patted him on the head, and said "That's cute" before turning away.

Plus I don't think Mercedes's attempts to get an improved part for Harmony by mentioning it in interviews worked too well for her, so the "Whedonvets" have an example in front of them.

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