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January 15 2009

QMX and Lexigeek's Little Damn Mal maquette on sale now. "I Aim to Misbehave," the latest in QMx's maquette line based on the Little Damn Heroes series by Adam Levermore-Rich, is now on sale. But there's less than 100 left; presales were very strong.

Oh this looks great! I'm glad it came out so well. Will they have them on sale for the New York Comic Con (not that I'll be there, but maybe Joss can get one)?
It looks better than it did before. Are my eyes okay? He so cute!
DO WANT. (But cannot afford at the moment :(:(:().
Yep, I want this and the Kaylee one (even though I'm not normally much of a collector). Unfortunately, the pound is falling even faster than the dollar, so I have to keep saving my pennies!
They evidently changed his hair color; Good move.
I'm one of those 900 preorders, but just might buy
another since he looks so good.

ETA: I imagine River will be the next one, but I
hope they do one of the Jayne cartoon. "Time for
some thrillin' heroics" was always my favorite.

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Cute. But it looks like his eyes are brown.

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