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January 15 2009

Reasons to be optimistic about Dollhouse's future. Seven thoughtful reasons why we should be positive about Dollhouse! A nice read.

You're going to get reprimanded for punctuation. Give the topic a period, quick!
The author makes some good points. Hopefully they can go back and edit some of the distracting spelling errors.

ETA: She edited her article so I will edit my post. :) Good job, Bellona.

[ edited by TamaraC on 2009-01-16 18:21 ]
Thanks Captain B, Did I do it right? :)
Hopefully they can go back and edit some of the distracting spelling errors.

And punctuation.

ETA: Wheels of Joy, you can edit out your own additional edits, that are between the original post and the last edit. It will show as html at the bottom of your edit frame that you can just delete, and then it will only show the time of your last edit, not all of them.

[ edited by dreamlogic on 2009-01-16 03:14 ]
Hopefully they can go back and edit some of the distracting spelling errors.

And punctuation.

And totally incorrect lack of picnicking.
I'm not sure this counts as "news". I feel like I was just told something I already knew.
There is nothing new here. Every point has been made before, and better.
Seems fine to me. Makes a pleasant change in this current blogosphere climate of nihilism.
Re: this article being posted on whedonesque (by the author in the comments on the linked article):

Yeah. I'm pretty embarrassed about that because they usually have either real articles or at least things written by people who are good at articles. I'm pretty bad at them, and usually make a ton of spelling mistakes. I only though this would be seen by one or two people on fanpop, so I'm not sure why it's on there.

Oh, dear :). Don't worry, bellona. I actually quite liked to read it. It made a nice change from all the picnicking these last few - erm - ever ;).
Ahh, no bees ! Where did all the bees go ?

Reasons to be cheerful Pt 3 ... "A bit of grin and bear it, a bit of come and share it" ;).

This seems almost a deliberate counterpoint to the Sci-Fi Wire article and in that sense one blogger's personal speculations and opinions stand nicely shoulder to shoulder with that piece (which was largely based on, err, a bunch of bloggers' personal opinions and speculations ;). Plenty of room for some slightly incoherent upbeat points I reckon, lawks knows, we've had plenty of incoherent downbeat stuff about the show (and that from supposedly professional writers).
For a moment I thought I had turned into a young blonde woman. But alas . . .
That's weird, Pointy. For a moment I thought you had, too.
My reasons for optimism are mostly listed here.
I really enjoyed reading that so thanks for posting it WheelsOfJoy and thanks to a very humble Bellona for writing it.
your welcome, thank you for saying that since I don't post articles that much.

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