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January 15 2009

Joss Whedon on Writing and New Media. Some very interesting insights into Dr. Horrible in this interview on the WGA's YouTube channel.

Gotta say, the man makes me want to get off my ass and do something productive with my life! So long as it doesn't involve exercising or sleep! Just getting into my new workout program too...
I took a nice photo of my cat the other day. Does that count?
Omg I love that guy... who was it?
b!X, is it published on the internet?
Fun interview. At the end it said to go to for the full interview text. Thought it might be worth adding this link? Haven't read it yet myself, because it's quite long, but it looks a pretty detailed piece.
Is it word for word the same as the written piece then ? Cos I won't bother watching the video in that case.
No, it's not word for word the same (now I've read it), but most of what he says in the video is in the written piece. Personally, I really think seeing & hearing him say the words adds something to it - and it's only 5 minutes long. But it is mostly covered by the written piece.

Sorry for missing that it had been linked to. I did try to search, but I didn't find it (maybe I didn't try hard enough!). But it's relevant: I guess if I'd found it linked I would have just linked to the internal link instead of the external one.
It is fun to read a Joss interview, it is more fun to watch him talk on video (or in person, but how often does one get to do that?!). I think having creative people flock to the internet is the best way of insuring that the fences stay down. I really like that b!x's cat or my ceramics can get equal space online (yes, I have a youtube site my own self, but it's REALLY lame).
I hear that "nobody will listen to/read/watch anything longer than X minutes long" b.s. really often from colleagues who are just starting to pay attention to the internet and are getting pressured to create podcasts and write blog entries without being users of such in their own lives. I speak up in meetings and say no, there's no 3-minute or whatever rule in practice, I listen to hour-long podcasts if it's something I like to listen to. Then I typically get an eyeroll and "young people with their wasteful internet use" type comment. It's happened so many times that I just tune it out now and don't invest in setting the record straight unless someone comes to me looking for advice. There seems to be an overabundance of "experts" making up "rules" about internet content and marketing themselves so well that inexperienced people inevitably encounter them first and accept their bizarro opinions as wisdom. I am glad to know that Joss quite correctly sees digital content as the open frontier that it is, and recognizes that the quality and accessibility of the content trumps everything else. Most people still don't get that, and it's really strange, since everything else is just a logistical issue to resolve.

That's why Dr. Horrible worked even though the people putting it out aren't exactly internet wizards. They understood the actual key points, had the talent/skills to deliver on the quality (in spades), and were willing to figure out the rest with the caveat that high accessibility was a non-negotiable point.
Sunfire, next time just say, "My magical Internet friends RIGHT HERE INSIDE MY COMPUTER tell me otherwise!"
Sunfire would it help to point out that a lot of people (okay, yeah, mostly young people) don't even own TVs anymore, they watch TV shows online, and they run longer than 3 minutes? These experts really don't 'get' that TV and computers are going to be pretty much interchangeable in a few years and people will watch full length movies on both (they already are).
What leapt out at me is his advice to writers changing from Write to Make the Video. A lot of stuff people thought they could never do they can now do on the notebook computers. (Types the guy making a documentary on his MacBook.)
There is one reason why Dr Horrible worked- well, ok, tens of dozens of reasons- and it's you people. Had Joss not won you over and consolidated you all into one place long before he attempted something like this, Dr Horrible would have died a miserable death. I think it's because of you that Joss knew ( or thought ) he had a winner going in. I also think that the actors involved are a part of this 'you'. I don't see James Caan saying yes to this before the pitch is done;)

Seriously, the whole Dr Horrible project is a testament to and proof of the faith that Joss has in his minions, and the faith and trust that his minions have in Joss. I can't name 5 people in the industry who could have done this sort of thing with anywhere near the success or popularity or impact. Only in the Whedon World do all the required elements exist.
Thanks, cabri! Yes b!X, you are more productive than I!
I find that doubtful.
The most I've published to the internet is this post.
Yes, but you have a job. I don't even have unemployment. ;)
Hmmm... take more pictures of your cat? |-)~

(okay, I'm done)

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