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January 16 2009

Details about Charisma Carpenter's new horror movie 'Vivid'. It's set in England and she'll play a novelist.

"Angels"? hmmm great research.

But really good for her.
Nearly choked when I read that one of the company's upcoming titles is Cockneys versus Zombies.

I'm excited about this. I don't typically get excited for a movie, solely because of Whedony actors, but I don't think I've ever seen Charisma on the big screen...
Hmm, can the Zombies run ? Cos i'll av a monkey on the undead in that case. Otherwise a pony on the ol' east end wide boys and girls.

This sounds OK as a premise, might be a decent mix of US and UK horror sensibilities (and it's nice to see a psychological horror getting made too, those're too thin on the ground IMO).

And Somerset's inherently scary anyway, half the battle's won there I reckon.
Finally I get to see Charisma again. And on the big sreen.
She nabbed the part with her "plagued by horrific visions" reel.
Interesting...I'd also like to check out her work in "Angels". Sounds like a cool show!
She is in a "Vivid" movie?
I didn't think she was THAT type of an actress. mean she is in a movie called Vivid and not in a movie from the Vivid adult entertainment company. That makes better sense.
I just saw Vivid and Charisma Carpenter and got all excited. Yes, I am a lonely nerd.
Simon carefully constructed the title to clarify (though that thought ran through my mind as well, J. Hat.)

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