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January 16 2009

Firefly Crew in top 25 Coolest Movie Crews. Empire magazines website has the 25 coolest movie crews and and the best crew in the verse is one of them.

Makes me want more!!

That's one of the better lists that have been posted here. Good find.
Yeah, I read though the whole list. Nice to see Serenity's crew on there at a very respectible number 15. And I agree with #1. Although, I have to say there's a severe oversight that the Tombstone crew isn't even on the list. Val Kilmer's role as Doc Holiday, alone, should have put them on that list.
And, The Average Joes, including Alan Tudyk, made the list at #25.
Sigh. My first double post. Apologies.

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Toy Story (which Joss worked on) also made the list.

I would have to put Serenity as number one though,
Whenever I dream about being part of a fictional group, The Serenity Crew is at the top of my list.

Of course if they were doing a tv list it would be a tough choice between the Scooby Gang, Angel investigations, the serenity crew.

I do like Predator though, and the team blowing the crap out of that encampment was awesome.
"I don't got time to bleed!"
I don't think the con air gang is a cool group that I would want to be a part of though. I loved the movie, but that gang sucked for it's members.
Loved that the Heat crew made #8, one of my favorite movies & one of my favorite directors.

ETA: agreeing about the Tombstone, a really glaring omission.

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