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January 16 2009

New Behind-the-Scenes video from Dollhouse. As promised, every Friday. Also, Dollverse announces the Dollverse radio show with a clip from the press kit.

Or the Brightcove eventually used on the last one, once someone can figure out what it is.
The DVD should include every Jossisode.

ETA Really!

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Well, thanx for deleting my post, which wasn’t already posted as the "deleted posts" site says, because this thread was originally referring to a completely different behind-the-scenes video, which you can find on Fox’s official Dollhouse site. But never mind, mistakes happen, no hard feelings...
Anuris, I brought your post back as it looks like Jobo's post was different. The next time that you have a problem, though, email us rather than posting something that, frankly, comes off as sarcastic and passive-aggressive. All moderation questions can be sent to our contact address or to individual mods/admins.

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zeitgeist: Appearances can be deceiving. ;-) But ok, I admit that it might felt a tad sarcastic and/or aggressive from my side and I apologize. I learned my lesson and next time, I will take more care of how and where I write something.
No worry, just email us with moderation questions as it says in the rules. Comments of other threads are not the place for that.
Ah the floodgates of Dollhouse goodness have finally opened.
After watching Tahmoh Penikett there, I gotta say I think Simon is totally right: he's going to be the new fan favorite. We are going to test his liking of our questions.
This clip shows the scene Tahmoh talked about here at ComicCon.

I think I'd like a shirt that says, "So, how did you hear about Wallhouse?"
In case anybody is wondering - yes, I am mildly freaked out that Eliza talks about 'that Dollverse launch day'.
Fabulous video!

PS: When I said "Fabulous video!", I was talking about "Understanding Dollhouse". Someone changed the link. This one is pretty funny, though.

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Gossi, when did she mention "that Dollverse launch day?" On which video is that?
Nevermind. I see it.
I've put in the direct URL for the vid.
Thanks, Simon. I hadn't worked up the energy to hunt it down. Whedonesque links have made me lazy. :)

That was fun. I got really excited watching Joss directing and giggled when he (for some reason) waved his arms about all silly-like. Wallhouse and Tahmoh - we got to see the moment! And doesn't it look like Eliza and Joss have so much fun together? Awwwwww.

ETA: Was Joss doing the dance of joy while Dichen was on the treadmill?

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