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August 12 2003

Charisma Carpenter video interview. Mostly about her TV movie 'See Jane Date' but Angel is mentioned.

If like me, you had horrendous problems trying to view this basically she didn't want to talk about Angel and also that the show would be fine without her and that she is enjoying herself right now but who knows what will happen.

She looks absolutely stunning in the interview clip btw and if anyone can figure out what the direct link to the interview is, please let me know.

She looks very pretty indeed. Except in the clips of See Jane Date in which she looks a little frumpy?
She looks damn fine. So, sexy, almost too sexy.
'Bout time she started looking good again -- the last two years of Angel she was looking pretty rough with all the problems she had with her hair.
That should take care of the rumor that she was fired from Angel for not losing the babyfat!!
...if anyone can figure out what the direct link to the interview is...

Does this work?-
I can see a belly roll on her, but she still looks great.
What is with this mental aberration growing in humanity that in order to be attractive someone can't have any body fat? I gotta belly roll. About 90% of human beings I ever see with my eye balls day to day have belly rolls. It's the skinny beanpoles on this planet who are ugly. Walking coat hangers suffering from bulemia and in desperate need to be forcefed Big Macs and Nacho Bell Grandes.

Charisma looks better now than she ever has. Back in the first season of BtVS a good wind woulda knocked her over. Nothing wrong with a woman with a little meat on her bones.
Thanks fmonk, much appreciated.
Zachsmind, while I agree with you that the notion that someone can't have fat and be beautiful is ridiculous (and that Charisma looks great), those are some really offensive comments about skinny people. Can't all people be beautiful? What is a naturally skinny person supposed to do (I'm not one, but some of my best friends...)? And force-feeding people with mental illnesses really isn't the best approach.

[ edited by eixmi on 2003-08-13 11:04 ]
YOU'RE offended, Eixmi?

There is an increasing and disturbing trend in the mass media in recent years, to show video footage stolen off the street of people who are overweight. Usually from the shoulders down to hide their identity, while Talking Heads comment about how horrible this obesity trend is in America. How unsightly it is that people are not all walking skeletons with skin stuck to them like cellophane. I find that offensive. Someone has to maintain a balance of common sense. I find the runways of models showing off latest fashions more disgusting than what's being passed off as medical news briefs. Bones protruding from underneath skin like a carcass of half eaten chicken. Gross!

I find the rumors that Charisma was kicked off Angel for being a little overweight offensive as well. The actress is one of a handful who have been performing in the Whedonverse since day one. It's less of a speculative leap to assume she'd want a break. Especially since the past two years the writers have refused to allow Charisma to play Cordy in a happy, fun manner - that she's been downgraded to a tragic goof of a role. They fell just short of turning her into a villian this past season.

I mean, has it occurred to anyone, that maybe this was Carpenter's idea? That she's simply tired of playing the same role for almost a decade? Carpenter may have decided to just cut her losses and run. Maybe she's just looking for a more positive uplifting character to sink her teeth into. She gains a little weight and people naturally assume she's been blackballed from network tv. Maybe, just maybe, she's captain of her own soul. Ever think of that? Or is it offensive to suggest that fat people get to be captains of their own soul?
I don't use my mod status here a lot but this dangerously steering towards OT status.

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