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January 16 2009

Vincent Kartheiser appears on The Soup. With a few other guys from the cast of Mad Men, and for some reason, LeVar Burton.

Celebrating their win at the Golden Globes last Sunday. Stay with the clip to the end, especially if you're familiar with the Soup's catch phrases, and enjoy an extra little bit of awesomeness.

Does that mean LeVar Burton was YoSafBridge?

Now that's acting!
I can't choose my favorite part. Is it when they say they're big "Reading Rainbow" fans or when they thank cigarettes?
I liked when they jumped back in to do the "IT'S MILEY!!!" bit.

Danielle Fishel showing up and knocking that girl dead with her glare was fun, too.

I do so love The Soup.
Ah, yes. Good ol' YoSaffBridgeVar.
Levar Burton rules.
Haha, I love it. Every time I see Miley Cyrus on TV or somewhere, I go "It's Miley!" in that high screechy voice.
Wow, that was hilarious. :)

Kudos for Levar Burton and the shoutout to Reading Rainbow.
They seem like a cool group of people.

It must be LeVar's week. He made an appearance on Diggnation too. He sang the theme from Reading Rainbow. Isn't he awesome?!
fortunateizzi I'm the same way. I can't hear Miley Cyrus without saying or at least thinking "It's Miley!", now thanks to the boys I'm going to do jazz hands next time I hear her name.
I would pay cashy-money for a glimpse of Christina's reaction to LeVar's quip.
Not only do I do the "It's Miley" thing, but whenever anyone tells me about someone dating someone underage I am compelled to do the "It's a felony!" thing as well.
Oh that was the biggest laugh I had had all day! Levar Burton DOES rule, and the "It's Miley!" moment was pure 'Soup' goodness.... This show really does seem to get better and better.

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