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January 17 2009

Official Dollhouse site gets revamped for the premiere. And very pretty it looks too.

I really like the new design. Very inviting and it has some kind of openness to it.
I ike it as well, very nice :)

Although the manequins always remind me of Nip/Tuck (not that I'm complaining)
I did like the site that Fox did for Tru Calling. Anyone remember that? Had a wee bit of imagination put into the design.
Yes - it's like someone is finally getting the concept :). I have to say that all of the recent promo-stuff has gone down really well with me.
What's that typeface used for the 'dollhouse' logo? I think
we've had the discussion before, but I don't remember.
I think I might have missed that before, but... the Wallhouse video!!! lol ... Glad that they posted it!

And the site looks good.
Love the new look.
I'm a big fan of the new look.
Caroline: "What's that typeface used for the 'dollhouse' logo? I think we've had the discussion before, but I don't remember."

I dunno for sure if we have had that discussion before, but if we did, I didn't read it, and couldn't find it.

So, well, with the advent of computers for graphic design, I appear to have lost my ability to retain the slightest bit of information about individual typefaces, but my only slightly-informed opinion is that the Dollhouse logo is a very tweaked hybrid of bits of typefaces like: Cable, Serpentine, a Eurostile variation, a Star Trek Federation font, and though it's really not much like it, it keeps reminding me of some kind of Eras font variation.

That distinctive "d" is killing me, though - it keeps poking at the tip of my brain, but I'm also inclined to think it's been completely fabricated/tweaked in Illustrator or something.

There. That's about as not-helpful as I can be today. I hope I was able to obfuscate things for you nicely. No, no, no thanks are necessary - glad to help.

(Oh, and apropos of nothing except that I noticed it when I was looking for previous Dollhouse logo font discussions, this previously-posted interview with Joss and Eliza appears to have gone "private" on youtube for some reason...)

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That's bizarre. Fox promoted that on their YouTube channel and on the old version of the Dollhouse site from what I can remember.
Well, that's gonna drive me crazy.

I'm not sure how I feel about the new site. I like it plenty, and it looks nice and full of things, while the other looked somewhat empty. But I miss the Eliza logo.
I'd come to the conclusion that it's probably an adapted typeface or hand drawn after running it through What the font and other helpful sites. Thanks for the detail.
Groovy. I think so, too - they may have started with some existing letterforms, but it's highly customized now.

After having done a little poking around, it appears that the Spike Ferensten/Eliza Dushku/Joss Whedon interview seems to have been memory-wiped from existing officialdom, but is still available here and there on the internet. I hadn't seen it before, but now that I have, I kinda understand why it's gone. Though Joss and Eliza are their usual wonderful together, it's kinda off-putting, too - Spike doesn't seem to have a clue about how to talk to Eliza and there are moments when it's all too apparent.

I agree with the folks on the original October, '08 whedonesque thread who found this a little of the creepy.

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While we're on the subject of old videos: were there any good "first interview after Dollhouse is announced!" interviews with Joss and/or Eliza? I'm putting together a DVD of material, and this seems like it'd be a good one to have around, if such a thing exists. I guess it'd just be the earliest Dollhouse video interview after its being announced.

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buzzkill your comment was spoilerish so I've invisibilised it. And to be honest, you're best avoiding mentioning spoilers in a non-spoiler thread.

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