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January 17 2009

Eliza Dushku and Tahmoh Penikett have some Mickey Rourke Stories. A talk with Spike Feresten.

I shouldn't laugh, cause it's bad. But oh, Mickey... asking a 14 year old for her number!
Maybe he said "I'll call you in four years"?
I suspect he said "I'll call you in two years."
I will just assume he was asking for her number in case he found some acting work for her since she was in True Lies that year and she probably mentioned it to him.

I am guessing she made it sound like a "come on" to be funny, which it kind of is.
Giving a 14 year-old a cigarette is a bit iffy as well...
you'd think if she was 14, there'd be an adult there with her...
At the hairdresser's ? I went by myself when I was 14, apart from the clear and present danger scissors present they're not the deadly hellholes the media presents them as ;).

Giving a 14 year-old a cigarette is a bit iffy as well...

Giving's probably OK, selling would be illegal ;).

(i.e. it's still up to her if she smoked it or not. And how many 14 year olds that want to try smoking haven't ? Hellish few i'd imagine)
That was pretty brilliant.

Oh, and hey everybody, see The Wrestler. Kind of amazing.
Seen it. Loved it. :-) Also: Rourke's just such a fabulous character now. I just wanna root for him, like I wanna root for a lot of these flawed talents.
I think most of my favorite non-whedonverse actors have had some sort of issue with Drugs and alcohol. They have at least had a DUI, but then as restricitve as california is with it's DUI law I am not suprised. I think you can have half a beer 4 hours before getting in your car out there and still be legal.
I wish Mickey Rourke had offered me booze and cigarettes when I was fourteen. My adolescent rebellion would have been way cooler if it'd been him rather than Not-Mickey-Rourke. He's so cool, even when he's incredibly lame. It's a gift!

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