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January 17 2009

(SPOILER) The TV Addict interviews Tahmoh Penikett. He talks about the finale of Battlestar Galactica and Dollhouse.

"Iím excited that thereís already this built in fan-base and so much expectation and excitement about the show. Itís great because a lot of shows donít have that working for them right off that bat and we do."

Every interview I've read or seen with him he all ways comes across as a very intelligent guy, Iím looking forward to seeing his character and how he plays him as I've not watched something with him in before.

Yay first comment!

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I've been a BSG fan for a while now, but I never really watched any interviews or anything with the cast. Now that he's on Dollhouse however, I've been seeing a lot more of him outside of his acting, and I'm becoming a pretty big fan. He seems like a great guy.
are the spoilers for Dollhouse or BSG? I'm eager for every little crumbs about DH at this point but I don't want to spoil a second of BSG... can I read this?
nyrk, I think any potential Dollhouse spoilers are mostly pure speculation on Tahmoh's part at this stage, things that he's thinking about for his character but nothing Joss gave him. As far as BSG, there is a hint about Helo in one the interviewer's questions, but Tahmoh refuses to confirm or deny anything except to say there are some pictures out on the interwebs that imply things.
'Gota luv that Buffy', can you try and spell check before posting, please?
thank you cabri :)
I've just now realized that, if Dollhouse starts out uninterrupted, "Man on the Street" (guessing it is the "sixth episode" Joss referred to as the mythology-inducing kinda-like-a-pilot for the second half of the season) would air on the same day as the BSG-finale. Perfect timing.
Sorry 'Caroline' I just edited it now, I'm just a really bad speller.

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