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January 18 2009

Strictly Sexual: A Love Story DVD due for release on February 24. The independent film, starring Amber Benson, is available online and in finer stores next month.

I see it will be available on Netflix, too.
Maha! This is a pretty funny movie. Don't make my mistake and watch it with parentals though, verrrrrrry awkward.
Mmmm. Amber Benson.

This, if I recall correctly, is the movie Amber did in which she told me she spends a great deal of it in her lingerie...when she's not dressed as a Girl Scout, that is. ;)
Don't make my mistake and watch it with parentals

Well, I think the name of the movie might've been a hint. :)
Also don't make the mistake of thinking this is a comedy.
Only the first part has some humorous moments, then it is mainly about domestic squabbling and emotional issues. I still enjoyed it, but if you do not like listening to emotional people yelling at each other, it might not be the best movie for you.

If you want a true romantic comedy with a Whedonverse actor I totally recommend Dear Me: A Blogger's Tale with Felicia Day.
Wow, when I first looked at that poster, I thought My Favorite Whedonvet had The Inevitable Cigarette, got me a retro-racy vibe for a sec. Then again I go back to when bare shoulders were scandalous.

If I'd owned my DVP for more than 3 weeks, I'd've considered getting it.

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