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January 17 2009

IGN profiles Nathan Fillions's new show 'Castle'. Find out which authors Nathan is reading as a result of him getting the role.

" This role was funny and dynamic and allowed Fillion to run around and have adventures."

Oh Yeah... this sounds perfect for Our Captain. :D

ETA: And I'm lovin' that coat he wears in the photos. Kind of... Iconic, donchathink?

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I hope Nathan Fillion goes on to be a huge George-Clooney-esque star--no one that I can think of deserves it more--but this show's premise sounds a bit lame.

Still, the proof of the pudding will be in the execution. Or the execution will be in form of a pudding. Or the proof will be executed by the pudding. Or something.
I hope Nathan Fillion goes on to be a huge George-Clooney-esque star--no one that I can think of deserves it more--but this show's premise sounds a bit lame.

Couldn't agree more, on both statements. Can't resist the captain, so I will surely check this out.
I hope he reads the books closely enough to spell Robert B. Parker's name right (although since it's duplicated in the article, I'm thinking it was the reporter's mistake and not Nate's).
I'll wait until I see it to judge. I can think of plenty of premises that sound lame. Among them, a cheerleader who kills vampires and a post-Civil War Western set in space. Who would want to watch those shows?
Some of that article is written in the past tense and it bugs. Shouldn't that one section read: This role is funny and dynamic and allows Fillion to run around and have adventures.

Not sure I like the "lovable douche" moniker either.
CAB - I read the article and thought the same thing, but being the librarian that I am, I added a comment and asked them to correct it. I can be sooo anal sometimes.
It doesn't sound that much different from the premise to "Bones", for me -- right down to the authorial partner to the actual investigator. Where Brennan is there as a rational/empirical foil, Castle can provide more emotive, philosophical, and dramatic insights.

The TV is full of "specialized experts or people with unique personalities help the police/FBI solve crimes" shows right now, and they all seem to be doing reasonably well.

"The Mentalist"
"Lie to Me" looks like it will fit this mold.

There's at least good reason to think "Castle" will be able to get an audience.
Tonya J, I'm with you on "lovable douche." Ewww.
Maybe "charming dickwad" or "beguiling asshat"?
OK, maybe not.
How about immature rapscallion? Bodily functions can stay ... ::motions:: over there somewhere.
Znachki - I was going to, but really didn't want to register with ANOTHER site just to do so. Thanks!
It doesn't sound that much different from the premise to "Bones", for me -- right down to the authorial partner to the actual investigator. Where Brennan is there as a rational/empirical foil, Castle can provide more emotive, philosophical, and dramatic insights.

I think a more apt comparison would be Murder She Wrote. With Bones, Brennan is a forensic anthropologist who happens to also be an author. However, Jessica Fletcher, like Rick Castle, is a full-time author who happens to get mixed up in this investigatin' business.
One of the things I loved about Murder She Wrote was the cavalcade of guest stars they had on the show; I mean she got Roddy McDowall for Kraken's sake! So, would it be so bad for a few Whedonfolk to drop by in guest-starring roles? I say, not at all.

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Oh, I know Brennan's actual job -- I just remembered the character was also a writer as I started to make the comparison and found it interesting. Sufficed to say, it's a formula that works. It probably appeals to audiences to see that "ordinary folk" (far from ordinary, actually, but still "civilians") can solve crimes and protect people, too. "Murder, She Wrote" was on the air forever -- "Castle" could only dream to do as well.
KoC, I also think that premise is along the lines that even if you're mathematician (like Charlie in "Numb3rs") there are applications to your work in other fields, like law enforcement. With Brennan's job in "Bones" it's not as much of a stretch, since she's a forensic anthropologist. She could examine skeletons whether they belonged to murdered people or not.

I feel like at first glance, "Castle" is a bit of a stretch. I mean...he's a novelist. As far as I'm concerned at this moment in time, he's just really imaginative and the cops on the show happen to be really dull.

But I'll still watch because it's Nathan.
"Murder She Wrote" was awfully repetitive and formulaic, no fun in my book...despite the talented AL. It was, however, extremely popular (especially in the "old people" demographic) and long-lasting. A similar program could be a bit of a trap for a young up-and-coming actor, if successful. But maybe it will prove more interesting in the execution.
I was hoping he'd read Parker. Sigh I love my Captain.

However, just to pick a couple nits - "star's fan base," "Spenser," "detail-oriented" and "Parker." Thank you.
"Murder, She Wrote" wasn't popular with little old ladies because it was repetitive or formulaic... it was popular because it was *about* a little old lady. Repetitive and formulaic has pretty much always been a winning formula for TV. I mean, "House" is my favorite show right now, and it's definitely repetitive and formulaic.
Personally i'd say "Murder She Wrote" was popular with "little old ladies" because it was incredibly safe, gentle TV wherein the characters all reassuringly meet expectations/stereotypes, there's very little (or even no) onscreen violence and a nice cosy message about order being restored and bad people getting their come-uppance at the end of every single episode. Even 'House' as a show, formulaic though it usually is (it's when they break the formula that the show really shines), has an acerbic wit and asks difficult questions - it's not a safe fictional world.

As to 'Castle', I have to say, the premise doesn't really do much for me but it might still be worth watching to see Nathan do his "lovable douche" schtick, so long as the cast chemistry's good (and the real life author cameos - assuming those're still happening - could be fun too). But it also seems like very safe TV ("mismatched partners one of whom's a bit of a lovable rogue" has been a mainstay of TV crime shows forever, "will they/won't they" isn't exactly a brand new idea either) - "Sunday night viewing" as we'd say in the UK (that's when you see stuff like 'Ballykissangel' or 'Monarch of the Glen' etc.). And there's nothing necessarily wrong with that.
Yeah, SPENSER....with an the poet!! I've long thought that Fillion & Baldwin would make a great Elvis Cole/Joe Pike combination, and would like to think he'll blend some Robert Crais into the way he rolls on this gig, he could do worse. But JAMES PATTERSON???? Ack, er, HACK.....
Last I heard, IIRC James Patterson was one of the guest authors that'll be appearing in a recurring cameo (if that's even a thing - "It's a cameo but you do it over and over again". Uh huh ;) so it makes sense that Nathan might want to be able to say "Hey, pleased to meet you, I like your stuff" (or at least that he's read it).

I notice the link's to IGN UK BTW, wonder if a UK editor changed it to 'c' (since we tend to put 'c's where the US put 's's - defence, offence, pence etc.) ?

(it's still just wrong of course, proper names are spelt how they're spelt)

[ edited by Saje on 2009-01-18 19:22 ] defaults to if you live in the UK (like me). So that's why the link has a UK bit in it.
There's at least good reason to think "Castle" will be able to get an audience.

I love Nathan, so I wish him all the best, but it would kinda suck if a show he stars in finally stays on for years and it wouldn't be any good. What a waste of precious Captainy goodness that would be.
Ah, that explains it, ta Simon. Just just wrong then ;).
There's an Aussie IGN as well, so sometimes you can have three reviews of one game on It causes no end of debate in the office.
So there's actually different content sometimes ?

(we really need an obsessive a considerate American to go to the article via just to make sure it's misspelled the same way there)
As long as all of Castle's friends don't start being killed off, I won't mind. It was awfully dangerous to be a friend of Jessica Fletcher!

Murder She Wrote - was the television version of the "cozy mystery". You know - Agatha Christie's Miss Marple. Which is why, at least in my mind, it was so popular. The murder takes place out of sight, and finding the solution is a mental puzzle, not much action or violence involved.

So while there is the idea of the author involved in the mystery, the rest will be much more like Bones, The Mentalist, and etc.

Generally with mystery series, we may come for the plot originally, but we stick around for the characters and their interaction. So if the "lovable douchbag" is lovable, and if the chemistry smokes, then people should watch.
So there's actually different content sometimes ?

Usually just for reviews. For example: Halo 3.
Obsessive American here. The misspelling is the same.
Now we know, ta for being so "considerate" toast ;).

I never really believed a Brit was at fault, just had to check (totally kidding my non-British chums ;-).
The premise is very disapointing, and I really doubt I'll like it. But I'll watch at least the first episode for Nathan. Cause he's awesome. But I really hope he gets to be in another good* show or movie soon.

*by my standards
Sounds like the typical ``insert actor A into slot B`` type of procedural, but maybe Nathan can make something more of it.

Thanks you. I was sad because the UK ign was writing about Castle and the ign USA wasn't. :)


Like he does on all his work.
I saw the first real commercial for Castle tonight during Desperate Housewives. It was fantastic.
Nathan should knock this one out of the park. It's a perfect role for him.
I will be tuning in for sure. Is it March 9th yet?!
I just saw the 'Castle' commercial too, and it looks wonderful! I definitely have the show's premier marked on my calendar.
March 9, 2009.

And if you want to put a reminder somewhere online, there are promotion banners at
ricetxpeaches, thanks for the link!

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