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January 18 2009

(SPOILER) First photos of James Marsters on the set of "Alien Western". One of the co-stars of the upcoming Sci-Fi Channel movie starring James Marsters posts some behind-the-scenes photos.

Thanks to the sleuths of CDS for tracking down actress Sanny van Heteren's professional Facebook page.

...just yesterday I happened to have this bizarre thought: can JM grow facial hair, and how would he look like?? cause I never saw that... And here's the answer!! Lol!! thanxs for that link..
It has long been a dream of mine to see James Marsters in a western. Looks like my dream is coming true. I love the black leather waistcoat, the stubble and even the red bandana. Pardon my "Squeee!!" Really looking forward to this now.
JM looks like a bad bad boy...

I'll be--- here, ogling. James has sure been busy, good for him! I nearly forgot about this *plot induced amnesia* anyone know when it's coming out?
I've read that it will be out in the second half of 2009. No date has been set yet. So we will still be waiting a while. These pictures help though.
Aww, he still looks so darn cute even with the stubble. *g*
Oh, I love those clothes.. and that stubble.. not to mention the new haircut! :) I can't wait to see more!
I love SF westerns. Hmmm... James in Superman (and Smallville) as Reed Richards and in Torchwood. He's hitting all my kinks. Can my dreamed JM in a movie with Shahrukh Khan dream be far behind?

Yeah, it most likely can.
Best Cowboy EVER! This is gonna be GREAT!
I think I was just made a fan of cowboys. JM looks great (even all stubbly!)
I think James looks great. I like the stubble and the curls.
I can't say an alien western is my fantasy role for JM but I'll take whatever's out there. Would someone give this guy a series,
so his fans don't have to wait so long between roles.
Thanks for posting this deanna b! James looks fantastic! What a nosh!! I wasn't too excited about the movie before, but now I CAN'T WAIT until it's on.
Ditto biffsbabe. This guy is great-looking, has phenomenal screen presence, and can act the pants off the majority of television series leads.
Wow I think that James is probably one of the only men that can wear facial hair and still be attractive to me. I can't stand it on most men. I hope he can get some more work, he seems to be hopping around. :/
This made my day!! James looks totally wonderful, love the stubble and the clothes. We have so many exciting things to look forward to this year with James. It's gonna be great. Thanks for posting this!!
Ohh he looks wonderful as a cowboy!
Surprisingly loving the stubble! James looks great as a cowboy - really looking forward to seeing this.
Damn! That man has some fine cheek bones. *blissfully objectifies*
Seriously...I kept going back to watch the first of those photos all day long! And after a whole day watching it, I really must say out loud (or write down clearly) what I left implicit in my previous comment: the man just looks great, as a cowboy AND with stubbly facial hair!!!!!!!
I so wanna see this movie now..
Am I the only one thinking of the Gorch brothers?
This will probably be the worst movie I'll ever watch all the way through. I don't suffer bad movies gladly (or generally, at all), and what other kind does SciFi make? But after seeing the pics, this long-smitten JM fan is so there. ;)

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